Wednesday, May 23, 2012

31 Weeks!!

How far along: 31 Weeks!!!! Less than 9 Weeks left!! Holy Smokes!!

We still have a Head of Lettuce, about 19 inches and 3.9 pounds.

What I've Learned from What to Expect: She can move her head side to side and her skin is starting to be more opaque (Yay, no more see through baby!) because she's getting more layers of fat. I am having more Braxton Hicks and I am producing colostrum. 

Total weight gain/loss: 7 Pounds

Stretch marks: I think I may have seen a new one this morning, but it could also be a bed sheet know when you lay on something for so long it puts an impression on your skin...I'll have to check it out later :)
Sleep: Is Good!  Still lots of potty breaks and occasional I get through the whole night. Pregnancy Wedge has been very helpful, along with all the rest of the pillows I need. Mike still has to push me out of bed sometimes.

Best moments this week: Lots! Mike and I went on our Babymoon/5 year Anniversary!! It was fabulous!! More on that later. Mike getting to feel her so much this weekend, she loved the car ride and was a Jumping Jelly Bean all the way down there, so Mike got some great Daddy/Daughter time!Seeing my doctor, my Blood Sugar Levels being under what they are suppose to be, doc being happy with the levels, Going to the doctor again and my mom getting to come with me...which I think was the best moment for her. She got to see her on the ultrasound and hear her heartbeat.

Miss Anything: Wine, lots of fruit at one time, not being able to just snack on whatever I want since I'm having to watch the different things I eat.

Movement: All the time!!

Food cravings: Fruits, The Most Amazing Cookies, (to all my Pi Beta girls, I think they are better than Arrow Cookies!!!)...

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing comes to mind...

Labor Signs: A number of Braxton-Hicks contractions. My doc said as long as there are no more than 6 in an hour, I'm good...I feel like I have at least 1-2 an hour. They aren't painful, yet...

Belly Button in or out: How about a Stretchie!! Not completely stretched yet, but really close!

Most Ridiculous thing I've Cried about or gotten Upset about: Oh my, I feel it gets worse and worse each week...I feel so bad for Mike, he is such a trooper, I love him so much for be so supportive and understanding. Today, I cried when I heard "I will Always Love You" on the American Idol show (which I don't watch and I just so happened to flip though, I love Whitney Houston!) This weekend (on our Babymoon!) I got upset with Mike and cried because he wanted to take a shower before we went to breakfast...yes, a shower, yes, I'm crazy, yes, Mike still loves me :) Last week, I would just cry in the shower for no reason at all...boohoo! It's really bad!
Gestational Diabetes Update: I have to prick my finger four times a day and it is cumbersome to make sure I test 2 hours after I eat. I have slight freak out moments thinking I've missed it. I also have to make sure I eat around 10:30 at night because I'm not suppose to go longer than 9-10 hours without eating. Which sometimes makes it difficult to get to sleep. So anywho, my numbers have been good, Dr. Cox was very pleased with them. When she checked Little Bit's growth, she measured her at 4 pounds and me about 4 days ahead of original due date. She said that 4 pounds was within the acceptable range, but a little on the bigger side. She's in the 68th percentile...which, I don't completely understand yet, but I know I will. So, all in all, I was hoping that Dr. Cox would say I didn't have to prick 4 times a day still, but she said, even though it good now, it gets worse the further along I go, so she wants me to continue to the 4 times. I do like that she is being through. I am keeping track of what I eat, times, proportions, and then my numbers. I get nervous sometimes because I'm not quite sure how my body will react to certain things. I did find out early on, that pizza is a no go for me, and after talking with the dietitian, she said pizza seems to be a problem for a lot of people with GB or Diabetes, because of the fat content. Even though, I'm considered High Risk now, Dr. Cox said that if my numbers stay down, and LB doesn't get too big, then I will be able to deliver as a 'normal' delivery. So, so far, so good.

Pregnancy Symptom: TONS of Back Pain, to the point I want to cry at times. My nails are growing like crazy!! Wanting to nest and love it!! Peeing all the time! Difficulty breathing sometimes. Pregnancy Brain--just like my crying episodes, it gets worse and worse!! Really, if it didn't happen less than an hour ago, I won't be able to give you a reliable answer! I forget crap all the time!! Emotional-basketcase!! Work has cause me some more 'cankles'. Feeling more tired.

Wedding rings on or off: Getting really tight, I'm gonna have to get a temporary replacement.

Happy or Moody most of the time: LABILE! Happy, Sad, Moody, Happy, Tired

Looking forward to: Picking a name...I think we may have a first name, but definitely no middle names...Mike is still waiting for 'The One' to pop into his head....I'm afraid, she'll never be named if we have to wait on him to find 'The One'! And Mike made the comment, he thinks it'd be fitting for us to name her on the way to the hospital!  I really really don't want that to happen! Going to Derek and Kacy's wedding this weekend, my shower next weekend

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