Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Operation: Pregnancy Swimsuit

Oh holy hell!  I hate swim suit shopping to begin with, but I REALLY hate swim suit shopping with my never-ending growing belly. It has been the first time, I haven't felt good about myself since being pregnant. (Now, I promise, I'm not having a pity-party and I love myself just the same, it was just a shock to see myself like that) Mike told me, in the most loving way he could, "It's not like you're going to look skinny."  (which made me laugh, and feel better) I told him, I just didn't want to feel like a beached whale! I completely understand that I won't look skinny, and I'm pretty sure everyone will know, 'she's pregnant and about to pop'. But it was still very depressing.

So I started looking online at places that I could find some maternity swimsuits. They seemed so expensive and I don't like spending money on swimsuits anywho. But they cheapest ones I was finding were around $50.00. To much for this girl, and they may have been some for around $40, but they were online only and then you had to pay shipping, so still $50 bucks! I liked some at Motherhood online, (and I just now saw they are on sale, some for $30, dang it!) I also saw some at Target, and I even tried some on...that's when it got really scary! So I said, 'No, not now.'
Well, Mike and I are going on our last trip before Little Bit gets here this weekend...I don't know if their pool will be open or if the lake will be too cold to even get into, but I do want to have a swim suit just in case...and I plan on taking Amy up on going to her pool with her when it opens! Thanks Ames!
I texted Jen to see what she did, and she was kinda like me, not wanting to spend boo-coo's, and she told me to go to Wal-Mart. So, Wally World, here I come! She told me she just went up in sizes till they fit her comfortably.

I grabbed a few to start with, they definitely weren't as cute as the Motherhood ones, but I liked the price much better. Well, the ones I started with, were disastrous!! So awful, ugly feeling, walrus feeling!! Basically toooooo small.  So I went back for some more. I finally found a Tankini top to fit my boobs and it actually feels nice around the growing belly---not tight at all---right now!----and a little skirt bottom!! Never thought I'd be wearing a skirt swimsuit bottom, but it is really quite nice! So I had my two pieces and went back just to make sure I had the right sizes so I grabbed the same things just in different sizes. I ended up going a bit bigger with the skirt bottom and stayed with my original top.  The top is black with magenta polka-dots, and the skirt is just black. So, even though, I know I don't look like a '10', I definitely felt like a '10' from what I first started with.

But after seeing Motherhood was having a sale, I may have to see if they are having an in-store sale too before we leave this weekend.

Be looking for my weekly update later tonight or tomorrow! I feel HUGE in a happy way!! :)

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