Friday, May 18, 2012



Operation Pregnancy Swimsuit---When I created the post I found out that Motherhood was having a sale, so today after my doc appt, I ventured out to the mall and Yay, Motherhood was also having in-store sales!  And the had THE ONE I wanted!! Woot Woot!! And it was only $30. I believe I will be taking my Wally World special back, but I do think I will keep the skirt bottoms, because they will go with my new one. It really is more comfortable, I feel better in it, not like a beached Walrus :)

Baby Book---Whew!  This one is a toughy!  Oh and Mom did find my babybook!!  I don't know if she'd forgotten about it or if she just said I didn't have one because she didn't keep up with it. But it was really fun to look through it. It does only have about a months worth of stuff in there, but I loved what was in there. So after searching and searching and seeing mine. I finally decided, I was going to make my own. I made it to Michael's and got some great deals. I found a 12x12 scrapbook, I loved, for....drum roll...$2.99!! Three Bucks!! What a steal! It was a surprise too because it was marked at $10. Woo Hoo! I got a paper pack and that was 40% off with my coupon. Great day at Michael's, huh?!
With all my searching I found some great page ideas from All in a Day. So I have downloaded those and put our own special touches to it. Now I just need to get it printed out and start the book and fill in some of the answers. So excited to do that and hope that I will be able to keep up with it for our Little Bit!

Gestational Diabetes---which I will be calling GB for short now. I finally met with the Dietitian last week and she made everything so great!!! I gave her a hug when I left, because I felt so much better about it!  So, I apologize if this get long-winded, but this is what I found out, I hope I get the information correct as I tell you! :)

During Pregnancy, all the changes in hormones can cause your body not to produce enough insulin to keep up with the amount of glucose (blood sugar) intake. So, it's not something I could've changed or prevented, drinking that awful drink was going to send my blood sugar out of wack like crazy no matter what I had to eat before. So since my body is now sensitive to processing the glucose. I have to watch what I eat and how much. It has a lot to do with the carb count...which I LOVE!! So that stinks. But Carol, the dietitian, made everything great. She explained everything so well and came up with different meal ideas and plans that will help me regulate my blood sugar levels. Praise Jesus!  So, I can still have all those wonderful carbs, I just can't have a whole lot all at once...because carbs turn to glucose and my body goes into extra-overdrive to process it all---apparently, its the Pancreas that does all this work.  But I feel I have to eat more with the meal plan I'm suppose to follow. Its hard to eat all that!  I have my 3 meals and I have to have 3 snacks!! It's crazy!  And I have to make sure I have a bedtime snack around 10-10:30, because, a pregnant women, (GB or not) should not go longer than 9-10 hours without eating, even if you are sleeping!!  For those of us that do deal with GB, going that long without eating can actually cause the blood sugar level to spike at very high levels! Crazy huh? And they don't want you to get rid of carbs, you must have a certain about for each meal and snack!!  Finding a good balance with all foods and watching your portions!  Super simple!!  Exercise is another factor, they told me that walking even 10 minutes after eating, before you take your test, can lower the blood sugar level. I still haven't been great at exercising...excuses, excuses...but mine are I'm so tired and exhausted once I get home, especially if I'm not even gettin home til 7 or 8, I don't want to do ANYTHING!!  and I am somewhat active at work, I feel I'm walking around the floor all the time, I do take the stairs as much as I can.

Now, I have to prick my finger 4 times a day to test what my glucose level is as fasting (in the morning after I wake), and two hours after each meal. So far, I've only had two number that were over the 120 mark (123 and 129) and they were both pizza. Carol said that it has to do with the amount of fat that could be in the pizza, because the fat can slow down the production of insulin even more...I think is what she said. So, I've been happy with my numbers. I write down everything I eat, which is cumbersome, but it does help me see what my body reacts too and keeps me accountable!! If I have to write it down and show my doc, I don't want to have to put on there ate three bowls of ice cream in one sitting :) So that's been good for me.

I have done a follow-up with Carol and then met with my doc today. They were both pleased with the way things were looking. Told me to keep doing what I was doing. Doc told me if I keep my numbers regulated, I can deliver without any problems---meaning not considered High Risk, which is why I get to see her every week now :)

So thanks to Carol and the Diabetes program at Hillcrest, they have made this what I thought was going to be awful and feeling I was hurting Little Bit, so manageable and understanding and not scary! 

I think that's it for my updates, I will continue to update about my GB here and there. Thankfully it hasn't made me feel weird, funny, or had side effects as of now. Prayers for continued regulated blood sugar levels would be appreciated. Have a great weekend! Mike and I plan too on our Baby Moon to Lake of the Ozarks!


Glynna said...

Will be praying for your sugar levels! So glad to here your dietitian is amazing. I've loved reading your blog!

Amy @ All In A Day said...

Yay! I'm glad you were able to use the baby book pages! Thanks for the shoutout! xo