Saturday, May 19, 2012

It was Showering like crazy!!

My First Shower!!
Mom and Mel gave me a shower for family on April 21st...I know it's almost a month gone by now, but better late than never, right...Mom, this is expecially for you since you just so happened to mention it this week :)
Mom had WAY to much fun planning this shower, there were times I wasn't even allowed over to the house because of some of her shananogans. She loves doing things like this and I appreciate it so much!
We recieved SOOOO many goodies at this shower. Mike and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful family that support us and love us. And they already love Little Bit so much, I'm so excited for her to meet all her family!
Some yummies that we had were Cake, of course! I chose Strawberry and Italian Cream. Italian Cream is usually my favorite, but on this day the Strawberry was Amazing!! The cakes were from Merritt's Bakery. They did an amazing job on the cake and the design! More yummies were fruit and veggies with dip, Artichoke Spinach Dip, Cheese, Pinwheels, and fabulous Punch!!
Little Bit recieved wonderful gifts, including super cute clothes---lots of clothes, adorable socks---again, lots of socks, car seat and base, tutu's, toys, her Chicco 360, gift cards, shoes, OSU headbands, pack'n'play---which is a funny story, bath time stuff, diaper bags, blankets, sleeping stuff, Bouncer, and so much more...I'm starting to draw a blank...I think I did really well coming up with all that out of my head :)  She is a spoiled little girl already! Especially from Grandma's!!
So here are some pictures from the shower....there are still some that I haven't finished while I'm opening the gifts...what I learned is I make some pretty funky faces when I'm really excited! Enjoy!

Umm, if you need a diaper friend, Amber (she didn't attend this shower, but she makes super cute ones) and my Mom are your people to call!  Mom and Dad aka, Grandma and Grandpa made this one for us, we still have it all together in her room.  It out of the cloth diapers, hooded towles, adn washclothes we registered for with other goodies too like pacifiers, spoons, teething rings, toys, and lotion stuff.  So stinking cute, I don't know if I'll ever be able to take it apart!

Grandma Combs couldn't wait to try the cake so she let her purse try it first!

Jo showing off the icing accessory on the purse...

Grandma's opening thier gifts.

Cousin Holly! She helped out so much by taking pictures, cutting the cake and scooping sherbert for the punch!  Thanks Holly!
 Aunt Jo!

Mel, Me, Jo, Mom 

Grandma Combs, Jo, and Mel

We were finally able to get the Pack n Play together!! It took us a long time!! In fact, we didn't 'pack' it up to move it, Mike put it in the back of his truck and it sat in our hallway for the longest time til we had people over and had to finally 'pack' it away...It's not very playful when your trying to pack it!  But I am really excited to use it. I believe we will probably put it in our room when she first comes home for a bit and it will be so convenient!

So there ya have it! So much fun with my family. Thank you all for all your love!  I love you so much!! Now, I'm just so excited to get to use all the fun stuff we got!!

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