Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Cute Little Barn and Some Horses

This is a barn close to my house that I have thought multiple times, I need to pull over and take a picture of this. So today I finally did it...in the 102 degree weather...gotta love Oklahoma weather! Anyway, then after getting some shots, on my way back to the car, I saw the horses, so I headed up the hill and got some fun shots of them. I just love horses, never really been around them, but I can completely see myself living on a farm with lots of dogs, cats, and horses! Mike probably thinks a little differently.

Don't they just look like they are best friends?

I love this one!!
They were so friendly, they came right up to me and ate from my hand.

And later in the evening, this is what we were blessed with...


Jessica H said...

I love those... especially the close ups of the horses!

ME :) said...

Great pics! I love the horses, they are so sweet. I need to be better about pulling over too :)