Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Project 365 July 13- July 19

I'm gonna have to come up with something more creative for my titles for this project...I think I'll get a little board with the same thing!

Anywho, here we are another week into this year long project...I have to say, this week I kinda cheated about when I actually took the pictures. They were all planned, just not necessarily taken on the actual day...oh well.

Day 13 - Part of Something
This is part of our meter. Which is actually quite ugly, but getting in close and focusing on just part of it make it look pretty interesting to me...and I like it in the black and white. I also thought it was cool that they are made in the USA!

Day 14 - Light Painting!!
Holy Smokes, if you are into photography, you've got to try Light Painting Photography. It is so much fun. This was taken with the shutter open for about 7 seconds and I used Nellie's laser light toy to 'Paint with Light'. I pretty much hung out in our laundry room (the darkest room in the house) for an hour playing with different lighting. So awesome...expect to see more of these.
There are also some really cool websites about Light Painting.

Day 15 - Rough Day...
I love my job...I really do. But working in a Behavioral Health Children's hospital can sometimes put a damper on things. It's very rewarding and draining at the same time. This day in particular, was just awful...there is no other kinder word to put it. So I came home a had me a glass or two of wine to wind down.
This is a Riesling that Mike brought home for me called Polka Dot...it was great and I just love the name too!

Day 16 - Stripes
This is a fun rug in my kitchen. I love that there are stripes going both directions.

Day 17 - Warm
Warm colors and swirlies!

Day 18 - Picture of a Picture
These are all old pictures that I have gathered from my family because I am working on another project....the Wall of Family. I am getting old family pictures to create a wall collage in my home. I saw it at a friends house and it was so cool. It was also lots of fun going through the pictures with my Granny and hearing about the stories behind them. I think Granny had a good time too reminiscing her childhood. That's her in the middle as young girl.

Day 19 - Happy Birthday to Casey!
Today is my little brothers 26th Birthday! I have no clue where the time went...when did we all grow up? Casey is in the Marines and currently training at 29 Palms in the Cali-desert. He is stationed in Japan and gets to come home in August. He will then deploy to Afghanistan in Sept or Oct. We are so excited to get to see him and give him lots of hugs! Love you Casey and Happy Birthday Buddy!

Hope you enjoyed.
Me :)

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Yes! I need super Photoshop help!!! I am thinking about taking a class or reading the cover front to back! I would LOVE to come on night outs:) Really, I would just love to see you!!!