Saturday, July 31, 2010

Project 365 July 27 - July 30

Day 30 - Candle Light
These are in our bedroom, I just think they are so pretty when they are lit. (the back ones are a reflection)

Day 29 - Grasshoppers
I just love finding little critter friends in my yard. This little guy was on our hose roller. I was kinda worried that he was gonna jump on's not that I'm afraid of grasshoppers, I just want them to not hop on me! Anywho, he was pretty funny, because as I pulled the hose out to the middle of the yard...he just rode the 'merry-go-round' like he was at a carnival! By the way, for me, he was a pretty big guy, about 1.5''!

Day 28 - The Color Red
These are some tomatoes I picked from my neighbors tomato plants while I've been taking care of their yard. This is my attempt at some photoshop creativity...the original is below.

Day 27 - Smell
One of my favorite smells is fresh cut grass! Our yard sometimes gets neglected because Mike works so hard all week making sure other peoples yards look marvelous! So I was super excited when I got home and he was mowing! (I would mow, if he would let me or leave the mowers out...they stay in the trailer in the garage, and there is no way for me to get to them without Mike, otherwise, I wouldn't love it, but I would love to make him happy by mowing!)
Remi and her 'crack' ball!! She loves this ball so much and almost acts possessed when she plays with it! Haha!

The Machine!

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