Saturday, July 24, 2010

Project 365 July 20-July 24

Day 20 - Something Out of the Ordinary
I was at my parents house picking Remi up and saw these flowers growing through their fence, so I thought...this isn't wear flowers come from and clicked away something out of the ordinary!

Day 21 - Something Round (and sparkly!!)
This is my Necklace that Mike gave me for Christmas a few years ago. I love it and wear it just about every day.

Day 22 - Water Drops...a Failed Attempt
I sat for a really long time and took hundreds of snapshots trying to get a cool water drop picture. I never got what I was looking for, but in the midst of all my failed attempt, I found the little Wal-Mart Roll-Back guy!! I promise this is one of the drops of water, straight from my camera! I did not add this cute little guy! So maybe this wasn't a complete failed photo session!

Day 23 - Movies!!
I took my kiddos at work to the movies today and we saw Despicable Me. It's a must see for anyone with or without kiddos! I loved it and the kiddos had a great time too!

Day 24 - Love
Some things I love...Jesus, my husband, my family, my furkiddos, white wine in the summer, flip flops, photography, driving with the windows down, Peachwave, finding good deals at Marshall's, cooking, traveling (or at least thinking about it), girls dinner, the smell of fresh cut grass, and fireworks, just to name a few...what are some things you love?
I actually saw this somewhere else and stole their idea, ;)

Almost a month has passed...only 11 more to go. I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have. Thanks so much for all your feedback and comments! Love you all!


Abby said...

I'm lovin' your pictures! They're super fun and creative! (Sadly, my parents didn't pass the creative gene down to me) Things that I love: Jesus, my husband, pedicures, chocolate, my puppy, the sun, bubble baths...and so much more! :)

Jessica H said...

Love the first picture-- the "out of the ordinary" ones are the BEST!