Monday, July 5, 2010

Project 365

Alright, continuing on with my 365 Project....

Day 5 - After the Celebration
I was able to get this shot of the left over cigars that they guys had from the 4th because my lovely husband locked me out of the house! No, he wasn't being mean, he was actually going to get us dinner, I'm thankful that he has the habit of always locking the doors, just not when I'm outside when he leaves :). Thankfully I had my camera with me, so it wasn't so bad.

Day 4 - 4th of July! Fireworks!!
This was Mike's favorite picture from my Fireworks shots.

Day 3 - Reflection
This is Remi in my rear view mirror. We were going on a car ride and she loves putting her head out the window.

Day 2 - Lists
This is my Find-It Tube at work. I play this with my kiddos at work and they love it, I think as much as I do! When I need some quick time to release some stress, I try to find my missing pieces...I'm still looking for the Hidden Penny...I really think they forgot to put it in my tube, the Marble, and the Candy Cane.

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Jessica H said...

Wow, Kelly! I just LOVE the firework picture-- awesome!