Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 2 Project 365

Day 12 - Optical Illusions
This was lots of fun! I know it's not the greatest picture, a little blurry, but it's fun to think of my car as a little tinker toy!

Day 11 - Church
This is Boston Avenue United Methodist Church, the Church we go too and the Church that Mike and his family grew up in. It is absolutely beautiful and a must see if you are in the Tulsa Area.

I do have to say that I cheated on this one though...I had full intentions of taking a picture of the church after the service on Sunday, but completely instead I took it after work on Monday :)

Day 10 - Theme of Three
Today I was looking for something that represented the number three. My mom got me these monkeys and it caught my eye.
See no Evil, Hear no Evil, and Speak no Evil.
I try to think that this is My Bubble's Motto, those of you that know me, know my bubble is pretty thick!

Day 9 - Bought!
These are our Yankees vs. Royals ticket bought and in the mail. We are going to Kansas City with some friends in August and so excited! We got really lucky (we think) with these tickets...they are field level right behind home plate! We had looked at several websites for tickets and they pretty much were all over $100 a ticket and not as great this night, we went to the Royals website and WoW! Play Ball!

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