Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Day 7 - Peachwave!!
I absolutely love this place. It is a self-serve frozen yogurt place. They have like 16 different flavors and all the toppings you can imagine! It's the best ever. My best friend, Amy, had never been before so we went on a dessert date and had Peachwave, then headed over to Smashburger for some dinner! I love breaking the rules and having dessert before dinner! Thanks Ames, had a blast tonight!

Day 6 - Smores
Mike and I shared some Smores for dessert this evening. It was funny because we thought we'd lost the chocolate bars. I looked everywhere for them and then had Mike look for them. We really thought, did someone take our chocolate bars??!! Then, I remembered, and looked in the Graham Cracker box and Poof, there they were!!
Yummy Yummy!

Well, I have completed a whole week and am so proud of myself. 51 weeks left to go! It's been fun getting this project started. Thanks for sharing it with me.

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