Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gratitude Challenge Day 3

Write about something you feel grateful for in your life today.

As the day went on, I kept finding things that I was thankful and grateful for.  But I will stick the my initial gratefulness.  My friend, Gina, and lil' sis from back in the Pi Beta days, have started walking on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  It's great!  A little exercise for us and the pups and some catching up on what life brings us.  Well, it wasn't COLD, but it was a little chillier for my comfort this morning at 6:15. 

So I am grateful for the chilliness in the air, because we walked faster and therefore my walk was more productive than just a strolling fact, my back is a tad sore...maybe from the walk, I don't know.  But I am also grateful for my Lil G that goes walking with me in the wee hours of the morning before its even light outside.  Thanks so much Gina!  Love our walks and talks together!

I also did this with my kiddos at work today and some of their answers were so's what some said:
~communication-talking to people that will help me ithe future. To talk because I don't really like to talk about my feelings in public and today I got to do that and it felt great to get some of the stress off me.
~grateful for a phone call tonight from my mom
~grateful for living today
~grateful for gettin on green so I can go on a 6 hours pass!
~grateful to help old people cross the road, because I don't want them to get hurt
~grateful for having people to take care of me because I guess I'm important to some people and glad that they care about me.
~shark boy and lava girl...(don't know who these characters are yet...but I probably should find out)
Just love them!


Marisa said...

Aw, love our Pi Phi family! :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, Big, you just made my day! I am thankful for you too! I love our walks and talks!!! <3