Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Project 365- Oct 25-Oct 31

All right! Finally!  Getting caught up!  Here is the rest of October's Project 365.  I will put up the rest tomorrow sometime, along with some randoms.  Hope you have a happy Tuesday!
Day 123 - Maggie Moo!
My parents black lab on one of our Field Outings.  Her and Remi are besties!

Day 122 - V
V is for Victory, Valour, Vacations!!

Day 121 - U
U is for USA

Day 120 - H
H is for Heaven, Home, Health

Day 119 - K
K is for Kelly, Kool-Aid,

Day 118 - Shake!
On our Field Day, Remi shaking, I like how her nose looks likes it spinning!

Day 117 - Cattails
On our Field Day...funny thing about these...Nellie, for whatever bizarre reason, licks her tail...and I mean goes to town on the tip of it.  Once she's done, it really looks like these!  It's so gross when she does it and I get so mad at her because she will then crawl up in bed and slap me with her nasty chewed up tail!!

Good night Blogger!


ME :) said...

I love alphabet. I have now started to look for those crazy letters :) You are getting sooo good! I really need to get Photoshop...but I am waiting for a MAC. We will see :)

Jessica H said...

Fun pictures! I really like the "H" picture--awesome!

alayna said...

Okay, i need the following letters for a wedding present....LUM. Do you have all of those? i know you have the U...L & M? if so, how much?