Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Marines!
November 10th
235 Years
Thank You and God Bless all our Marines!

I had my kiddos at work do a little service project and write Happy Birthday Cards and letters to Casey and some of the men in his unit that Casey gave us names for.  The kids absolutely loved it.  I got Marine Birthday Cards from  They all signed the cards that went to individual Marines and then each kid wrote a personalized letter to them that went in their birthday cards.  I also had my younger kiddos do a coloring contest (only because when there are prizes involved, they do much much better) of Marine coloring sheets with a short comment that also went with the cards.  They all did such an amazing job at doing something nice for others.  It was so therapeutic for them to get to 'help' someone else and not just them receiving the 'help'.  The cards were great, I had a wonderful time reading them and just hope that Casey and his buddies enjoy them as much as I did. 
Along with the cards, my parents and I sent Birthday Care Packages that included: silly string for everyone (if Casey shares it anyway), Ding Dongs with candles for their birthday cake, noise makers, cigars, and now I don't remember all we crammed into the box.  But hopefully they have fun with it.

Devil Dog!
Service Flag...I have one!
Casey's Battalion

Photos taken from Facebook Vets helping Vets and USMC pages

Please remember to keep all the men and women that serve our county in your prayers, they are risking their lives to save our lives.

Also don't forget to Thank a Veteran on Thursday, November 11th.  Happy Veterans Day!

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