Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pioneer Woman!

Let me just tell you how COOL I feel today!  Yes, I'm a big dork, but oh well, it's fun being a dork.  Tonight at the Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Meeting Ree Drummond, Pioneer Woman, was our special speaker. Let me just tell you how I became a bit of a fanatic of PW...

My little, Gina, signed up for one of PW's giveaway...and out of 1000's (really 1000's) Gina was one of a handful of winners that got to go and spend the weekend at her Ranch.  Read here about Gina's fun-filled weekend with PW.  Anywho...Gina posted something on FB about winning this thing and I wondered who the heck is this crazy person giving weekend giveaways to random their own home?!  So I found her website and immediately became addicted!  For multiple reasons...PW is a self-learned photographer and she has amazing photos, she lives on a ranch--and I've told you before that I can totally see me being a little cowgirl way out in the country, she seems to love animals, she posts some of the most random posts-and I love randomness, then she has some of the most scrumptious recipes I have ever read!  Just reading them I can taste how wonderful they are.  I have tried many of her recipes and I haven't found a bad one yet!  You gotta try some if you haven't!  So that' how I became addicted to Mrs. Ree Drummond.

Moving forward...Ree was a Pi Phi at USC, so how great is it that she lives in Oklahoma and the Tulsa Alumnae asked her to join us at the home of Mayor Kathy Taylor.  She was a hoot, opening with she's wearing Spanx!  Here are some pictures from tonight....

 The no-words-can-describe-how-beautiful-this-house-is Home of Mayor Kathy of her homes by the way.  It was stunning...I felt like I was in another world...not Tulsa, OK.  One of the cool things was, it felt so warm and comfortable there.  Thank you Mayor Kathy Taylor for opening your beautiful home to us tonight.
 I really like the b&w.
 So excited to get your books signed!

 This is why I feel SO DANG COOL today!  Picture with a celebrity!!

 Me and Gina with Ree...Pi Phi Love!  Ring Ching Ching!

Oh, there were Arrow Cookies tonight...and they haven't changed a bit!!  Oh how I miss Arrow Cookies!  Excited for the next Pi Phi meeting.  It was great getting to meet Ree, see a beautiful home, see old friends, and meet some new friends.


Jessica H said...

Awesome! Lucky duck!

Lindsay said...

Sounds like a great time~ Kelly I am in love with the photo of the outside of Kathy's house. GREAT job!