Friday, January 7, 2011

Jackson Preview!

This week my best friend from college is in town from Alaska!  So, I got to take pictures of Mr. Jackson!  He is such a sweety and I love him to pieces.  Here are a couple of pictures I got yesterday.  I still have quite a few to edit, so that's why I'm doing a preview...because he is just too cute and everyone needs to see this little guy.

And this is my first post for the New Year! 

More pictures of Jackson to come soon.  Hope y'alls New Year has started out great!


Jessica H said...

Awwh. I Love, love, LOVE the second one! :)

Melanie said...

They are precious! I might need to get some prints! Thanks for posting them.

Kelly Rae said...

Thanks Girls! More to come soon and I will be giving Julie a CD of all of them that you can get prints from.