Monday, January 10, 2011


Project 365
Some of these you've already seen in previous posts.  But enjoy the new ones.

Day 176 - A Child is Born
Out of a Children's Christmas Book that I got my friend Amy who is expecting a baby in August and Mr. Jackson for Christmas.

Day 175 - Christmas Gifts!
So with all the letters you seen in my project, I made Christmas Gifts with them for family and friends.  I love the way the turned out and everyone loved them too!  If your interested let me know!

Day 174 - Color Explosion
Out at Rhema's Light Spectacular...playing with my zoom and timing.

Day 173 - Million Dollar Fudge
Making my second batch of fudge for the Christmas Season.  I used a vintage action because this recipe is my Granny Mackie's (my great grandmother).

Day 172 - Cowboy Cracker!
Our OSU Cowboy Nutcracker!

Day 171 - The Laundromat!
So, our little Remi plays so hard and while she's fetching the 'crack' ball, she doesn't let anything get in her way. That includes grass, which I'm pretty sure she swallows (and if you have pets, you know that grass makes them throw up). Well, she threw up on our comforter twice. So I took her with me to the laundromat to clean our comforter. She wasn't really a fan of the laundromat. But I did get a cute picture!

This is also my first time to play around with actions...and I love them!

Day 170 - Stocking Tips
Different Perspective from below!

Day 169 - Christmas Lights!
Lights at Rhema.

Day 168 - Light Explosion
Playing with my zoom and timing again at the Rhema Light Spectacular!

Day 167 - Ducks at Sunset
I was out at the river and caught these ducks enjoying the setting sun on the water.

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Kelly said...

AMAZING photos!! Wow, just stunning :-D Thanks for sharing!