Thursday, January 27, 2011

We Remember

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the tragic loss of 10 men from the OSU family.  I will never forget hearing that a plane had crashed after the basketball game in Colorado that night.  I sat with friends glued to the T.V. and praying for everyone involved. As the OSU family, we vowed never to forget.  Since then, in January, especially when there's a ball game in Colorado around this time, it's always heavy on my heart for the families that lost their loved ones.  So this post is to honor the 10 men that lost their lives. 

These are the inscriptions for each person that is put on the Memorial

Kendall C. Durfey
Television/Radio Engineer
August 1, 1962

Kendall Durfey, 38, a producer and engineer for the OSU radio network. Born in Hyde Park, N.Y., he moved to Oklahoma in 1977 and graduated from Oral Roberts in 1984 with a communications degree. He earned a master's degree in communications at OSU. A wonderful Son, Brother, Husband, Father and Friend. Kendall bound us together with care, affection and generosity. His humor, talent and intelligence will always linger with us. Thank you Kendall.

Bjorn G. Fahlstrom
Corporate Aviation Pilot
February 13, 1970

Loving Son, Fiancé and Friend remembered for his endearing smile, ambition and vitality. A commercial pilot, educated in Sweden and USA. Bjorn, you are forever in our hearts and memories. All our love, Viola, Sten and Jacqueline.

Nathan Z. Fleming
September 11, 1980

Loving Son, Brother, Friend. Joy to God and all who knew him. Leader, encourager, lover of life. All Big 12 Scholar/Athlete. Nate put God first, others second, himself third. We love you. Sarah, Drue, Mom and Dad.

William R. Hancock III
Media Relations Coordinator
April 6, 1969

Will was brilliant, generous, kind, genuine; a musician, humorist and wordsmith. His warm smile touched everyone. He left Andie and us all too soon, but we’ll meet in Heaven someday.

Daniel P. Lawson, Jr.
July 28, 1979

Danny, your Presence will always be felt. God gave you to us for twenty-one precious years. We thank Him. Our Son, Brother, Grandson, Cousin, Uncle and Nephew. You are greatly missed. Your loving family.

Brian W. Luinstra
Athletic Trainer
July 26, 1971

Beloved Son, Loving Brother, Devoted Husband, Nurturing Father. Born with a caring nature, sense of humor. Blessed with honorable character, principles, integrity. Memories of you fill our hearts with love.

Denver R. Mills
CPA by Profession, Pilot by Passion
January 31, 1945

Beloved Husband, Father, Brother and Friend. We celebrate your life and the legacy you left of unconditional love, dedication and generosity. You are and always will be our hero.

Pat Noyes
Director of Basketball Operations
July 11, 1973

Our Beloved Pat. You touched so many lives in a short time. Your presence made Oklahoma State a better place. We’re proud you are our son! Love, Mom and Dad.

William B. Tietgens (Teegins)
Loved by Many
July 26, 1952

Voice of the OSU Cowboys, Oklahoma Sports Hall of Famer, eight time Sportscaster of the Year. His family, friends and fans will always remember... “He shoots, he scores, heee’s fouled!”

Jared G. Weiberg
Student Assistant
March 9, 1978

Jared is a beloved son, brother, and friend who placed others before himself, gave help to those in need, lived passionately and hugged affectionately, loved his family unconditionally.  We love you.


There are several articls that I have read through and looked at these past few days.  This is one of my favorites.  There are videos too.  It's a long article but definately worth reading...I was balling in my office while reading it, it's so touching and makes you rethink your own life.  Make sure that you tell everyone you love that you love them.  You can lose them in a blink of an eye.

OSU played Texas last night in Stillwater and they had a Memorial at half time.  Mike and Joanna were able to attend and Mike said it was very touching and great to see Eddie back home.

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