Thursday, January 13, 2011


Some pictures you've seen, and some have a few because it's really hard to just pick one sometimes.  Hope you have a Terrific Thursday!

Day 194 - Kitty Play
Nellie enjoying her new dangle toy thanks to my SIL for the PetsMart Gift Card from Christmas.  This took quite a while to actually capture.  I set my tripod up and used my remote while I dangled the toy.  I love they way she is sittin and looking up at the toy getting ready to attack.  She will drag this new toy around the house to play with it.  It's quite comical!

Day 193 - New Plates!!
Actually my new obsession, Anthropologie!  Holy Smokes, I really think they got in my head and made this store just for me.  Too bad I can't really afford it!! But the plates were kinda reasonable so I got'em! The placemats are from Williams Sonoma.  They were on sale for only $6!  What a steal, huh?!  And the candles and candle sticks are from Pier 1.  I love our new table, which my parents got us for Christmas and the whole set-up is complete!

Day 192 - Sweet Friends and Sweet Babies!
Love these girls and their sweet babies boys!

Day 191 - Mr. Cool
No description needed for this one!  Isn't he just so cute!
 Day 190 - Melt Down
Jackson had a melt down, but it was short lived during our little photo shoot.  He was happy as a lark only a few minutes after this picture!

Day 189 - A Mother's Love
Julie and Jackson...I love the sunburst in the background!

Day 188 - Drool!
This boy LOVES to drool!  I had several pictures with strings of drool and I just thought it was so cute...just as long as it's not on me! :)

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Jessica H said...

Love the new plates! I am also in love with Anthropologie. We had one near us in California and although it's expensive, I did snatch myself a sweater.... ONCE. :)