Friday, January 21, 2011

Project 365

Project 365 - 55% Complete

Day 204 - Glistened Pathway
It started snowing around 10:30 Wednesday night, so a little after midnight, Remi and I went on a beautiful Snowy Night Walk.  I caught the glisten in this pathway.  It reminded me of they life paths I've been on in my life...good and bad and made me smile.  I love the paths I've been on and look froward to the many more Glistened Paths the God has in store for me.

Day 203 - A Bit-O-Sunshine
 This is on my way home from work and I've been wanting to stop several times and finally's right off the Highway, so it's not the safest stop, but I got really far into the grass and thankfully didn't get ran over...I did get honked at though! Haha
Anywho...every time I drove by I just thought the sun light made the flag look so majestic among the industrial field its in.

Day 202 - Triangular Tulips
I was looking for Triangles today and saw many in my bouquet of Tulips.  How many do you see?
Also, I love how you get surprises when you go to process your pictures...I have no idea where that beautiful blue background came from, but when I plugged it into the computer and the picture pulled up, there it was!
This is the one I use for the project but the other two I just thought were really pretty too!

 Day 201 - Your thought of Tag
I think of Remi and Nellie's Tags on their collars.

Day 200 - Two Complimentary Items
Salt-N-Pepper!  In my snazzy little Salt Cellar from Savory Chef in Tulsa.  It's the most fun little cooking boutique.

Day 199 - Saving Grace
My Heating Pad! When my back or stomach are hurting like the did on Friday and Saturday...My best friend is my Heating Pad. It always makes me feel so much better!

Day 198 - Your Fired!
You can read about the story here.  After some thought and talking with friends...I may just Fire them!

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