Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bowling, Bowling, Bowling!

My Weekend!
After a busy Friday and Saturday of cleaning, laundry, getting caught up on 365, dishes, going to my Great Uncle Owens funeral--celebrating his wonderful life, and running around town with mom, I met up with Mike and some friends at Andy B's for some Glow Bowl bowling!  Super fun, although I stunk it up in a major way...although I did meet the goal every game...60 for the first 75 for the second and I think I got around 85 or 90 the third game.  Honestly, I always seem to bowl better the more I have to drink...I didn't have anything to drink, so I blame my poor scores on my lack of alcohol!  I also got some fun pictures too!

Today has been pretty productive.  I finally got the Christmas decorations down!  I feel our house grew after taking the tree down! vacuumed, Mom made super yummy Homemade Cinnamon Rolls--I had two! Mike and I worked out, I made dinner, 365ed, Mike did the dishes-such a great husband!, and watched some T.V..  Headed to bed to get ready for my week!  Hope y'all have a fabulous week!

Good Night!

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