Sunday, January 9, 2011

What I've Been Up Too...

Tidbits about my week...

Well Happy New Year All! So far ou New Year has been great...nothing major, but just enjoying life and the decent weather.  Here's a little of what I've been up to.
Not a whole lot, really...but some fun things.  Mike and I started out the New Year with friends.  We went to Dustin and Rachel's and got to meet their new puppy!  He's a Yellow Lab and just adorable...except for his name...Boomer...BLAH!! So Kacy and I nick-named him "B" or "Biscuit".  He looks like a little biscuit, so its fitting.  Anywho, we spent the evening there, and had good food and some tasty bubbly!  My personal favorite is Martini and Asti!  We popped the cork early at 11:00 because it's so yummy, I just couldn't wait. 

January 1, Mike and I came home from Dustin and Rachel's and soaked in the New Year in bed catching up on some sleep...can you believe we came home from sleeping and went straight to bed and didn't get up til around 4:30!  We were super lazy!  Later that evening we went to Derek and Kacy's to watch the Fiesta Bowl and eat some steaks.  FYI--I could have Steak and Potatoes everyday if I had too!

January 2, we were a little more productive and got the house cleaned up and continued to watch more football.  We also started P90X.  We were both really sore.  We are everyother dayers so far on the workout...but I guess that's better than nothin.  I wasn't a fan of the Plyometrics, but I like the weight training parts so far.  It was rough going back to work on Monday...I don't know really was just a normal weekend with a little bubbly.  But I was super excited for this week.  So continued to get some laundry and the house picked up...this will be a life-long battle for me and it will forever drive Mike crazy. 

Work has been pretty slow...which I really like, but if you were to ask the big-wigs, they are probably pretty concerned.  We have had a census of LOW!  I like it because I feel that I can do more therapeutic groups with the smaller number.  My Early Adolescent Unit can cram sardines, I mean hold 26 patients!! WAY WAY WAY to many in my mind...but I'm just the little peon.  So I'm taking full advantage of the low numbers and I think the kiddos have enjoyed it better too.  Most of them are doing very well and are able to focus so much better with the smaller number.  The smaller number means I'm getting off work a little earlier too!

Tuesday, after I got off work early, I gave Remi a bath, which she cried and shook the whole it was probably a little cold with the hose water, but she's a lab and is suppose to love the water, so I figured she can suck it up. 

Wednesday I took off work and spent the day Julie and Jackson.  We went to lunch with her husband and dropped him and Jackson off and then ran some errands.  Once we got back I took some pictures of Jackson and hung out there for a while.  That evening we headed back to my place, kicked Mike out, and I had some girlfriends over for dinner.  So. Much. Fun.  I love my girls dinner.  We were minus one, and missed Jen dearly, but maybe next month she'll be able to make it in to town. For dinner I tried a new recipe from Gina's Blog.  We had the Chicken & Avacado Soup, Alayna's Guacamole, and Red Velvet Cupcakes.  The soup was Fabulous!  We had a grand time catching up and playing with Jackson.  Thanks for such a fun night girls!

Thursday, back to work and off early again.  Came home and tried another one of Gina's soups, Broccoli Cheese and Potato Soup.  I liked it, but I think I put too much salt in it or I didn't really like the Sharp Cheddar Cheese that I used.  But it was doable and I will try it again.  My favorite quote from Mike about the soup was "it looks like a liquid casserole."  He's not a big fan of casseroles or soups, but he's a trooper and will eat'em anyway if I fix it.

Mike and I ordered in Friday and watched some t.v., did some editing, and Mike played some was a great evening!  So I hope y'all had a great week and weekend.  I've been working on 365 pictures and HOPEFULLY will get some up soon.

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