Thursday, January 13, 2011


Day 187 - Puppy Kisses
We took Remi over to Derek and Kacy's to play with Lola while we watched the Fiesta Bowl.  They played and ran around the table 1000 times. They had so much fun and stopped to give some Puppy Kisses!

Day 186 - Puppy Friends
Remi and friend, Lola could barely sit still long enough to get a picture.  Lola who is 4-5 months old is pretty much bigger than 1.5 year old Remi!

Day 185 - New Years Day...
or EARLY morning.  Some of the yummy beverages we rang in the new year with friends.  Happy New Year!

Day 184 - New Years Eve
My favorite Bubbly!

Day 183 - Family
Mom, Dad, and Granny at Christmas morning Brunch

Day 182 - Christmas Bokah

Day 181 - Stockings

Day 180 - Turkey Carving
Mike carving his first holiday turkey with a little help from his dad.

Day 179 - Model
OSU stocking that Judy and Jack sent us for Christmas for OSU Game Days.  Remi is a fantastic model!

Day 178 - Merry Christmas
I took this outside the church as the midnight bells were ringing for the birth of our Lord.

Day 177 - Christmas Eve
Boston Avenue United Methodist Church Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. I look forward to this service all year! It's beautiful!

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