Monday, January 17, 2011

What's Cookin in Kelly's Kitchen

A long while back, I was chattin with some friends and we started talking about weekly dinners.  I always felt so overwhelmed when I went to the grocery store. I would have certain things I wanted to get and then would pick things up that sounded good and would spend a fortune!  Then I got home and felt like I still didn't really have anything to cook.  So during our talk, my friends talked about having a menu.  They would only buy for the week.  I'm sure many of you already did this...but for me it was an AaaHaa moment!  How genius!  So I tried it and it worked!  It made everything some much easier and cheaper and less wasteful...sure there are times that I don't make a weekly menu, but I love it when I do.  So I'm sharing my Weekly Menu with you!

What's Cookin in Kelly's Kitchen..

Andouille Pasta
Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Green Bean Bundles
Steak Quesadillas and Guacamole
Michelle's Meatloaf and Sweet Carrots
Mom's Pancakes

What's for cookin in your kitchen?

Have a wonderful week!


Jessica H said...

I have done menu planning since the kids started eating solid foods. It's just one less thing to worry about in my day and our daily grocery store runs turned into once or twice a week!

Abby said...

I make your pancakes all the time for Syrup Saturday!! Yummo!

Anonymous said...

Heh! This is something I can help you with anytime. I've taught people how to do this for the last 35 years. Hint: never go to the grocery store hungry it will help you save money. Mary Jo