Monday, February 7, 2011

365 60% Complete!

365 Updated!
Some you've already seen in the Winter Storm pics...and you probably see a few more duplicates before it's all done!

60% Complete!  I feel that I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel!  I think I will start getting my 365 book organized soon!

Day 222 - Black or White?
I thought I had a black dog!  Remi loves the snow so much and I love that she doesn't even act like she even knows that there's snow all over her face!

 Day 221 - A Snow Nights Walk
Went on a walk with Dad and all the dogs.  I love the light burst that I was able to get against the beautiful blue night sky.

 Day 220 - Icicle
Caught over 100 pictures of the icicles on my was hard to only pick one! But I love the reflections in the drop from this one and the bursts of light!

Day 219 - Oklahoma's Snowpacalypse!
Febrary 2011 Snow Storm. Record setting over 14 inches!

Day 218 - The Great Divide
Coming home from work today, the sky was completely seperated by the clouds in the sky. Literally as far as you could see from East to West...Divided! Very cool to see!

Day 217 - Snow Time, Play Time!
Took Remi out on several snow outings, but this sweet little boy came over to play with Remi and toss her dummie for her. She is so good with kids, I can't wait for her to have some little Mikes or little Kellys running around with her!

Day 216 - Self-Portrait
Having fun in the snow. Along with majority of the country, Oklahoma was blasted with a blizzard that set new my area over 14 inches and in surrounding areas over 20 inches! It was so much fun!

Day 215 - Snow Storm Necessities
Mike's Necessities!

Day 214 - Gooilicious!
In preparation for the upcoming storm, I made some fabulous, yummy, gooy, chocolate chip cookies!  My favorite way to have cookies is in the raw!

Day 213 - A Red Box Night
It was a Red Box night for me, Mike had a buddy in town and they had a guys night, so I rented The Back-Up Plan and Eat, Pray, Love. I enjoyed my buttery buttery popcorn the most! Glad I only spent a dollar on both the movies...

Day 212 - Knots
Knots in my wood fence.

Day 211 - Comfort
I actually took this a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to share a picture that represented Comfort and I thought this White Pelican shows it well!

Day 210 - Spundz
A thumb size cleaning cloth for your lens...the cloth stuffs right up in the cute little pouch and it clips onto your bag.

Day 209 - Mod.
My new Camera Strap by Mod. that I got with my Camera Gallery Gift Card for Chirstmas! The Blue is so so soft and they have so many fun Camera accessories!

Day 208 - Duck Tape
I love Duck Tape and think its a definate 'go to' to try and fix anything!  Sidenote...I fixed my iPhone screen that cracked with it, just by putting the tape over the crack so it wouldn't crack more and I had SO many people...even people out of the blue...stop and ask me about my 'cover'.  I thought it was so funny that people thought I was making a cool fashion statement with my iPhone and all it was was duck tape! But did you know you can make ALL and I mean ALL sorts of things out of Duck Tape!! This is a very cool bracelet that one of my kiddos at work made and gave to me...she also makes, wallets, shoes, shirts, and bowls! Also, when did duck tape get so pretty!

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Katie said...

Kelly! These are all extraordinary.. The break in the clouds, the dripping icycle, snow in the face of the pup (so cute). I love all your pictures, you're doing a great job!