Monday, February 28, 2011

Project 365 and A Bit of the Weekend

A bit of my weekend...I had a great weekend and of course it flew by super fast.  Went to a sweet and intimate wedding on Saturday morning at Kennedy Mansion.  Then came home and pretty much was lazy and didn't do much.  It was nice!  I was going to take Remi to the dog park but it just never warmed up like they said it was going too, so we skipped the dog park.  I did get a new phone!  So excited!  My oldie was all cracked and held together with duck tape and the battery was complete shot. Then Mike and I met up with friends and the newlyweds at Hard Rock for some drinks and Mike played some poker and kicked some bootie! Today, we slept in and Remi and I went to Target to get her some dog food, and a few other things, then we stopped by Petsmart and said hi to all the cuties for adoption and got her some Gooberlicious Treats, her FAVORITE!
Then we went to the Dog Park because it got up into the upper 70's! WooHoo...but it was a bummer, the dog park was closed!!  It's been closed forever now, I am so ready for it re-open, so we just walked around and then headed to Amy's house where she got to play with Boone. 
Most of all we've really enjoyed the cat-fights between Nellie and Jack.  Jack is Joanna's Maine Coon cat! He's huge, although he's on the smaller end of average maine coons.  Jo is staying with us, while she is looking for a new place.  Her house was broken into and the jerk-wads took both her t.v.'s!  This is the second time in two months that they've been broken into.  So she's outta there and in with us.  Back to Jack...Nellie and Jack literally HATE each other. And Jack really wasn't a fan of Remi, but he's warming up to Remi more.  But Nelllie and Jack will just scream at each other and growl and do crazy hisses.  It's very comical for us. 

On to Project 365...

Day 242- Kennedy Mansion
The Grand Stair Case at Kennedy Mansion in Tulsa.  Very cool place to see!

 Day 241 - 1948 Dodge Coupe
I think anyway! An awesome vintage Dodge that was used to whisk away the newlyweds! It actually almost didn't start and broke down once on them on the way to the hotel. Gave them wonderful memories as they start their new life together.

Day 240 - ANGRY
This is Jack really pissed off at Remi because she was trying to get her toy off the bed that he was laying on.

He really is a sweet kitty, but he can look really mean.

Day 239 - Geese
Geese Flying

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Also help me support the American Heart Association fight against cardiovascular disease which is the leading cause of death in the U.S.A.

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