Friday, February 25, 2011

Project 365

Project 365 65% Complete!

Day 238 - Tulsa Night Sky Line
Downtown Tulsa Sky Line from the top of my work parking garage.

Day 237 - Power 
Public Service of Oklahoma powers all of Tulsa and surrounding areas. I am so thankful for them for keeping our power going during the last snowstorm unlike the 2007 Ice Storm when Mike and I were out of power for 10 days!
I also like the car lights going buy...I know it's a little blurry, but at nighttime without a tripod, I think it's pretty good!

Day 236 - President's Day
In honor of Presidents Day, Old Glory on Riverside in Tulsa at night.

Day 235 - Bargain!
Love shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond! Today I got a heck of a deal! I found a tub pillow that was already 50% off and then I got another 20% off with my fabulous coupon and ended up paying $6.00! Woot! Woot!

Day 234 - Feeding Frenzy!
Since it's been so beautiful outside and I've been seeing flying friends all over the place, so I filled our Bird Feeder.

Day 233 - Time 
One of my favorite times of the day! Sunsets! And I love the clouds!

Day 232 - Jelly Fish
When we bought our house (3 years ago), Mike said that a New T.V. was going to come with it...I was really against spending so much money on a T.V.....But I quickly fell in love. So back to the picture....I was flipping through channels and this is a commercial and I thought it was beautiful, so I paused it and took a picture...I don't even know what the commercial was advertising.

Day 231 - Fresh Squeezed
Orange Juice! Mike insisted when we got married to register for a juicer. In four years of marriage, I think we've used it 3 times, and two of those times were this week! Anyway, Mike was ever so grateful for his Fresh Squeezed OJ and I enjoyed it too!

Day 230 - Chocolate Crepes
I tried a new recipe that I thought was going to be really hard and it so was not! Chocolate Crepes and Strawberries from Gina's Skinny Taste Recipe Blog is a hit! Mike and I enjoyed our dessert first tonight! :)

Day 229 - Cliched Valentine's Day
Mike and I really don't do much for Valentines Day...we just hang out and usually have a nice dinner at home...nothing big. Well our grocery store only had Heart Shaped Steaks left, so Mike and I enjoyed our Steaks-O-Love!

Day 228 - Spring is Coming!!
A little birdie told be Spring is coming soon! It was beautiful today and this little guy was talking like crazy...I think he was saying, "Feed Me Feed Me!"

Day 227 - Leading Lines
At my Therapeutic Recreation Conference, one of our sessions was at the climbing wall. So much fun and so hard! I made it all the way to the top and when I came down, I couldn't move my fingers! They felt stuck!

Day 226 - Frozen Water Fall
I actually stopped to get a picture of the creek and as I made my way, I found this beauty under the bridge! Can't believe I got so lucky!

Day 225 - Special Delivery
Remi delivering a card!

Day 224 - Coal Creek
Coal Creek runs by my house in Jenks. So pretty to see it frozen.

 Day 223 - Weather
Still making our way through Snowmegedden!

Hope you enjoyed!

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