Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And the Thunder Rolls!


...So Oklahoma is in for it!  We are preparing for what seems like the worst ever Winter storm that Oklahoma has ever had!  For my Up North friends, you're probably thinking you silly girl!  But really for us down south, this is craziness!  We are in the midst of a Blizzard warning/watch...I don't know the difference...with an expected snow fall of 12-18 inches!  The record is 12.9'' back in March 1994. Craziness!

I'm in the line of the pretty purple and luscious red...maybe we'll only get the expected 8''.

So the winter storm just started up here in town about an hour ago...I heard little piter pater of the sleet/freezing rain...again don't know the difference, but pretty sure freezing rain is worse...and then the thunder and lightening!  I love thunder and lightening storms.  If I were a true aspiring photographer, I would be out in the middle of all the getting some great lightening shots...but, I'm gonna just continue to hang out on my couch watching me some Criminal Minds marathon and munching on some yummy cookies.

Mike got us all caught up with the necessities for our winter storm...you know Beer, Wine, and Crown...the necessities!  Made me laugh...but really he did get to the grocery store and get some sandwich meat, chips, and who knows what else.  He said it was MADNESS!!  All lanes were open and every lane had at least 8-9 people waiting.

Mike's Necessities :)

I miss the days of seeing SCHOOL'S OUT on the news...I so wish that WORK'S OUT would run across the bottom of the screen.  Working at a hospital....it doesn't shut down for weather, and they expect you to be there No. Matter. What. 

I did do an extra group today if I'm not able to make it in tomorrow, but Mike said we will leave a 8:00 in hopes to get safely to work by 9:30.  We'll see. 

So with all this crazy weather going on, please pray for no power outages, safe travels, no farty dog in bed, and lots of pretty snow pictures!  I am looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. 

Also please pray that Mike's truck gets fixed soon...it broke down on Saturday night, he had it towed to our mechanic today and he wasn't able to get to it today, and said hopefully tomorrow if the weather allows him to get to work.  So fingers crossed that sweet Bill will be able to get in and fix Mike's truck.

Alright All, stay warm and stay safe if you must travel in the coming days!


Kelly said...

Ooooh :-( Hope you all stay safe and warm-- let's hope for 8 inches! My parents are in central Kansas and I have a ton of friends in Kansas City-- they're baring down too :-S

Jessica H said...

Stay safe and warm! We had a storm yesterday, but it is nothing new for us. I can only imagine 12-18 inches in Oklahoma... so crazy! I hope you got to work safely, and if not, I hope you're enjoying a snow day! I look forward to some of those snow pictures you've been dying to take!