Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Pictures Part 1!

Oklahoma's Snowcapalypse 2011!!

It's been a wild few days with the winter storm barreling through majority of the United States this past week. I was stuck at home for two days from work last week...I had a blast though! Thankfully Mike's truck only needed a new Fuel Pump, so he was able to get that fixed and get on the road. It's so much fun driving around in 4-Wheel mother would think differently though! She won't even peek her head out the door if it's been snowing...which is really weird because we use to go on Ski trips every year when I was younger.

Well anyway, even though some see this as miserable, like my husband, I have loved it so much.  I love the smell, the look, and the feeling.  Driving down the streets completely take me back to going to Colorado and New Mexico for ski trips.  I've embraced getting to spend all day in my Hot Chilies, making Chili, playing in the snow, watching Remi play in the snow---Nellie once...she hated it and hissed at me the entire way back to the door, snow shoveling the driveway with my husband, and getting a couple days off of work. 

Hope you enjoy my Part One of the Plethora of snow day pictures I've taken.  Some of these will be a part of my 365 project. 

Super Bowl Sunday, we will be watching with some friends...I don't really have a preference of who wins, but I think Mike is cheerin for the Packers...I'm excited for the commercials and the food!

 I like this one because you can see the flakes being blown in all sorts of directions!  The wind was craziness!

 Went on a walk with Dad and the dogs and love this picture I got!
This is edited with the PW Boost
This is PW B&W Beauty
This is just straight from my camera! No edits.

 I love these Icicles!

 Enjoying the snow on my face!

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great icicle pics!!!