Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oklahoma's Snowpacalypse!

That's what I've heard the news calling it!  It is beautiful!  We hit a record high of snowfall of 14 inches and 20 inches in surrounding cities!  I heard only around 40-50 accounts of power outages, so hopefully that was it and they have gotten that turned back on for those people.  The Hard Rock Casino's roof collapsed, lots and lots of people got stuck trying to get to work, plow/salt trucks were stuck, police cars were stuck, and I saw a couple of EMSA on the news not able to get through intersections.  They said fire trucks were having to go to pick the EMSA's patients up and take them to the hospital. I had to change the channel, but there's not a lot on T.V. during the day.  The News just kept talking about the snow...Hello, we all know it's snowing a blizzard out there, you don't have to keep repeating yourself.  I am however thankful for the news team and the emergency personnel that were able to get to their jobs to keep the rest of us informed and safe.  My dad got stuck and finally made it back to his neighborhood and got stuck again before he actually made it home.  He said he saw a public transportation bus stuck in Jenks.  So it's been a wild couple of days for us down here!

This is my second day of no work.  I can't get out of the driveway let alone down my cul-de-sac.  A co-worker was going to try to pick me up yesterday, but she couldn't get out of her area with her 4-wheel drive Jeep.  She grew up in Colorado, so if she can't get out...that was bad!  So again today, she was going to come pick me up.  She called and said it's not happening again.  She said she'd gotten to the road and there were about 4-5 other trucks/SUV/Jeeps in front of her who had all gotten stuck and they were trying to dig each other out, so she was trying to find a way to turn around and go back home.  She also said she plowed through snow drift up to her windows and saw drifts on the side of the road (which had bot been treated) that were as tall as her Jeep!  So here I am at home again with not a lot to do.  I will go get bundled up and play in the snow again with Remi.  Perhaps I will do some cleaning and laundry too.  But that just doesn't sound fun at all!

Remi and I went out on a few play outings yesterday.  In the streets, there were some areas where the snow came past my knee!  Remi literally disappeared in some of the snow drifts around the house!  I loved seeing just her tail wagging at the very top of the drift! So cute.  I took several pictures and will take some more today I'm sure.  Remi had a BLAST playing in the snow.  We went to the neighborhood park and played up and down the streets.  We weren't gone long, but the snow was coming down so fast that our tracks were completely filled back in on our way home.  As we walked down the street, I saw several of the neighborhood kiddos in their windows waving to us, they love Remi...They actually looked really sad that they weren't out in the snow.  Hopefully they were able to get out later in the day. 

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of Remi from yesterday!

I thought I had a black doogie!

 Jumping through the snow...I love this one!

Hope you all are having warm and safe SNOWPACALYPSE days!  More snow pictures to come!

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