Tuesday, March 15, 2011

365 and a little more...

I hope y'all had a great weekend!  Of course, mine flew by super fast and Monday came too soon. Hope you had a happy Tuesday!

I have now reached my goal for the American Heart Association Heart Walk!  Thank you so much to all my donors, you are such a blessing to the AHA!  Now, I am trying to double my goal.  I have until April 2nd for the walk.  You can donate by clicking this link.

Is anyone else excited about March Madness?!  Even though my Cowboys didn't make it to the NCAA...good win for us tonight though in the NIT...I love March Madness and need to hurry and get my bracket filled out!  More about March Madness soon!

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Project 365
70% Complete!

Day 258 - Side-Lighting
This is Jack, making himself at home on Nellie's favorite window seat. I love the side-lighting that I was able to get.

Day 257 - Chicken and Dumplings
Mmm Mmm Good...this fabulous Chicken and Dumplings recipe was super easy, made in the crock-pot! Thanks Alayna! You can find this great recipe here.

Day 256 - Been Through the Spinner!
This is what happens when you turn the disposal on and here an AWFUL AWFUL noise and clang clang...my poor little measuring spoon got all jacked up and left that sad sad face! Isn't that funny...that face happened all by its self!

Day 255 - Do the Polka!
Remi's new Polka Dot Food and Water Bowls! She finally out grew her other bowls, we couldn't keep up with filling her water, so now she gets double the amount and we are still having fill it often.

Day 254 - A 5 Year Olds Drawing
During group, I had my kids draw a picture of something they don't control well. One of my 5 year old drew the green blob and said that was her. I asked her what the picture meant and she said, "that's me, not following directions", then I asked her to draw who's directions she doesn't follow. She sat a moment and then got bright-eyed and started drawing again and the figure with the yellow hair is me...she said, "I don't follow your directions and that is your belly-button."
My kiddos crack me up!

Day 253 - Something with Water
This is the reflection of the Old Jenks Bridge on the Arkansas River.

Day 252 - Spring is Almost Here!
These are my neighbors Daffodils and they are in full bloom and the yellow is so vibrant! I'm so excited for Spring to get here!!

Day 251 - A Simple Shape
Remi's Nose...It's always cold and always wet, it's simple and always puts a smile on my face.

Day 250 - Now Open!
The new Waterfront Grill on the River is now open. We haven't eaten there yet, but I'm sure we will soon. So if you've tried it let me know how it is!

Day 249 - Choices
I'm not a ketchup person, but I saw this at Chick-Fil-A and thought what a grand idea! For you ketchup lovers...you now have a choice...you can Dip...or Squeeze! Genius!

Day 248 - Sunset
A different kinda sunset...These are my new pillows from Pier 1....they are named Sunset. I love bright and bold colors and they go great in our living room.

Day 247 - Kitty Play Date Part Dos!
Part 2 of the play date didn't go to hot...Nellie got pissed and hissed like crazy and then sucker-punched Jack. Quite entertaining! Thankfully, no blood, and they still don't like each other, but they are tolerable of each other.

Day 246 - Kitty Play Date
Jack (my SIL huge cat) and Nellie (our 8 pounder) haven't been the best of friends, but they did enjoy a stare down of the toy for a while. They still aren't the biggest fans of each other, but it's so fun to watch them bicker.

Hope you enjoyed and have a great rest of your weekend!

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Shalyn said...

I love your photos- you are talented! The yellow flower is my favorite, so beautiful!

And that belly button comment from your daughter CRACKED ME UP- so cute!