Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We Have Exciting News!!

In October we are going to EUROPE!!!

Basically, I have the greatest In-Laws. Ever!

I can't believe that we are actually getting to go, it is a dream come true for me.  I've always wanted to go to Europe and when given the opportunity, I either didn't have enough money or something more important came up.  So this is a huge blessing!

Mike's parents (live in Florida for the past 10-11 years) called one evening and wanted to talk about a trip.  We are going to Florida in June for a wedding and staying with them, so I assumed they were planning a trip to Tulsa.  Fun! Then Rick (FIL) said it was a trip for Mike, me, and Joanna (SIL)...so I thought, oh they want us to come visit them for longer than in June, great!  Then he said it!  We want to take you guys to Europe....just like that, like it was no big deal.  As I write this, I get teary-eyed over how excited I am!  So I immediately was like, I will pack my bags and be ready in an hour! I was pumped...bad thing was...Mike was at baseball and wasn't there to share the fabulous news with me...So I had to wait for his game to get over with and for him to call and I feel that I screamed in the phone "WERE GOING TO EUROPE!!" when he called!  He said, "Bad-Ass."

So, Rick and Melanie told us all to think about where we wanted to go and give them ideas.

So we got to looking at the map and named in no particular order:
and probably others I just don't remember...We wanted to see it all!

So then, we kinda narrowed it down to some top three.
Mike's picks were London, Madrid, Italy
Jo's picks was London, Florence
My picks were anywhere Italy, London
Paris was in on all of them just to go and see it, but it wasn't number one on anyone's list.

So we let Rick and Mel know our picks...really it would've just been easier for them to tell us where we were going, since they invited us, but being so wonderful, they want to make sure we are doing what we want. They talked with their travel agent and she gave them some trip ideas to share with us. 

So tonight, we got together, minus Mike-baseball, but he had already given the go for any choice, and our choices were:
Trip #1: Northern Italy-Venice and Florence
Trip #2: London and surrounding areas
Trip #3: London and 2 days in Paris
Trip #4: Branson

We chose Branson :)

After seeing everything, we were going to be happy with any of it, my vote was to flip a coin, but in the end, we are going to...

The Boot!

We will travel Venice, Florence, Pisa, and all over Northern Italy.

It still seems unreal to me, that we are actually getting to go.  I am so blessed and so grateful! 

I'm super excited for all the 1000's of pictures I will come back with!

Thank you so much Rick and Melanie for this fabulous trip!  Love you guys so much!

So, did anyone think we were preggers?  :)  Thankfully, Mr. Mike has been saying no we need to wait, need to wait. (I would've been ready for baby months ago, but was able to listen to Mike's heart and reasoning) So a blessing for waiting a while longer...couldn't have done this trip with an infant or preggo...But...maybe will come back with a little 'Vinny' or 'Florence'! :)

Any world travelers here? Where have you been or where do you want to go?

I'm calling this year, the year of travel for me...I get to go...
Alaska in May
Florida in June
maybe Chicago in July/August
Indianapolis in September
Italy in October

Happy Tuesday to Y'all!
Mine's been Fabulous!
I hope I come back with photos like this!  Sigh!!


Abby said...

I absolutely ADORED FLorence when I was there!!! Gosh, it's beautiful and timeless and colorful and tasty! You will LOVE it!! If you all have room for 2 more, Jamie and I are more than happy to be there :)

Laura said...

How exciting!! I just returned from my first European adventure to Greece and it was fabulous. I'm heading back to Europe in June and can't wait!