Monday, March 7, 2011

Love/Don't Love

I've seen this a few times over at 25 Before 25 and liked the idea so here goes...

1. I had a great and productive weekend! LOVE!
2. The weather got cool again this weekend, back down in the 30's! Brrr! Don't Love
3. Went shopping with mom on Sunday, Love
4. Getting a $100 donation to American Heart Association. Love
5. Cleaned ALL. Day. Long. Saturday! Don't Love
6. Loved the way it felt to have an almost completely clean house! Love
7. Mike washed the sheets Friday!  Love
8. Hubby gone all day Saturday for a baseball tournament, Don't Love
9. Hubby's team came in first in the baseball tournament, Love
10. Amy came to visit me while I was cleaning to give me a break...Love!
11. Stupid people driving in the left lane of the highway going 30!!!!  DON'T LOVE
12. Having dinner with Mike, Joanna, Aunt Judy, and Grandma...LOVE!
13. Watching Jack, Nellie, and Remi growl and play with each other! LOVE!

So there it is...maybe I will try this every Monday.  Happy Monday All have a great week!


Claire Castagnera said...

Hey, visiting from Mingle Monday! :) I love productive weekends and a clean house, too - but getting there can be so difficult :P


kelsie fennell said...

I think I'm going to start too! I think it such a fun idea!