Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!!

Yahoo!! Spring is officially here and I am so excited.  I love getting to leave my house windows open, start driving with my sunroof open, the flowers blooming, being outside, March Madness, baseball season, colors in nature, enjoying patio dinners, and so so much more. 

A bit about my weekend!
Friday, I actually got off a little early. I love getting off early on Fridays.  But I was so tired that I came home and took a nap and caught up on some DVR.  My plan (which has been my plan for a couple of weeks now) was to work on the office.  It is scary disastrous...don't worry I'll show you a before and after picture when I get to it!  So, instead, I relaxed more and waited for Mike to come home and watched NCAA basketball.

Yesterday, my mom, Sara (my SIL), and I went to the spa.  Casey got us all a Day Spa package for Christmas.  I truly believe it was the best spa experience I've ever had!  We went to the Spa Southern Hills at the Marriott on 71st and Lewis.  It was so relaxing and I literally fell asleep a couple of times during some of my treatments! 
The Treatments:
I started with a Body Polish in a Water type bed thingy.  I walked in and thought, I'm getting in a Spaceship!  Basically they scrub you down with Brown Sugar and these fabulous little Bath Mitts.  This will be put on my birthday list for sure!  They have a whole line of spa products that seem amazing!
supracor stimulite bath mitt
Then once your done with the scrub-a-roo, they pull the top of the spaceship tub down and you get a hot water/shower/bath/steaming goodness going on for a long time.  This is one of the times I fell asleep.

After I was done with the Body Polish, I thought, wow, nothing will feel better than that, I had my Hydrotherapy--just sitting in a nice hot jacuzzi tub for 15-20 with cold stones--and then went to my 1-hour massage!  Amazing!  Again fell asleep during this favorite was when she massaged my scalp and played with my hair...if only I could get Mike into Massage Therapy School!

After that, I had an Oxygen Treatment were you take deep breaths while breathing in pure oxygen.  Apparently there are lots of benefits to oxygen treatments and Mike said that in Vegas they pump pure oxygen in the hotels and casinos to trick people into thinking they are never sleepy help people stay awake and not have hangovers. 

Then I went to my Facial. Holy Moly Goodness!  Again, fell asleep a couple of times during this treatment.  She massaged my face, scalp, arms, hands, shoulders, and neck AND played with my hair! 

I really don't know what my favorite treatment was, they were all amazing!  Highly, Highly recommend Spa Southern Hills. After we were all done and a couple glasses of wine for me, we went to grab some lunch at Panera and chill.  I came home and couldn't stay away...I can't believe having a whole day of relaxation could make me so sleepy.  So, thanks to my Awesome brother, we had a Completely fabulous and relaxing day, when really he's probably the one that needs the spa day!  I wonder if they have spas in Afghanistan?  Thanks so much Casey!  You are awesome and we are so excited to have you home soon!  Love you!

Did anyone else see the Huge Moon last night?  I actually didn't and am so mad that I forgot, considering I had been reminding people about it for 2 weeks AND my mom texted me to remind me last night!  Guess I was so relaxed, I just plum forgot!  Anyway, the moon was suppose to appear 14% bigger and this only happens ever 18 years.  I don't know why.  But this is a picture I took on Wednesday with the moon looking pretty full, but not huge, at Woodward Park. 

Here are some pictures I found online of the "SUPER" Moon last night.
Super Worm Moon

Today, we are going to dinner with my family for Uncle Mike's birthday (not my Mike, we have 3 Mikes in the family).

In other news, my bracket is looking pretty crappy!  But Mike's is looking pretty good, but it's still early so who knows what will happen.  We have about 20 people in our pool.  Also, please say a little prayer for me as I have a new schedule for work...I now have to be at work functioning, ready to be peppy for my kiddos at 8:30!  I know, for most of you, you're thinkin, that's not early, but for me, it means having to get up earlier, driving in morning traffic, which will take more time to get to work, and still working til my normal time, usually 6:00 to 6:30ish.  Boo hiss...but I know I will get use to it eventually and all will be okay!

Hope y'all had a great weekend and don't forget about helping me double my goal for the American Heart Association by clicking here or on the gadget below. 

Happy Spring!

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