Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project 365

Project 365

Day 245 - Party in Your Tummy!
I just loved seeing this sticker as I was peeling my Cutie Clementine today!  It so made me smile! I mean who doesn't love a party?!

Day 244 - Newbie!
So with my old one poopin' out on me, I got a new phone. Thankfully I was able to get the 3GS for only $50! Score! So here she is... and that sweet baby is my best friends, enjoying his carrots!

Day 243 - Bit the Dust
This is my dear ol' Old School iPhone. I've had it for about 3 years I think and it's been through a lot. The duck tape is holding all the little broken glass pieces together and you can probably see the three cracks down the screen, there's also cracks on the back. (Funny story about the duck tape...I love duck tape and believe it's a fix it all household I 'fixed' my phone when needed...anywho, I had SOOOO many people, friends and people I didn't even know stop me to ask about my "Cool Cover"...they were shocked that it was just duck tape and not a cool fashion statement!) She was a keeper until she flat out died on me. Her charge wasn't lasting very long, but after I had charged her all night and she died within 30 minutes of taking her off the charge, I officially let her glow her last cute apple. So long.

Happy Hump Day!!  Already excited for the weekend!

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Julie said...

I love your phone background!