Sunday, August 1, 2010


I officailly finished my first month of Project 365!! It's getting easier to remember to take a picture a day. And I feel that I have gotten a tad more creative with some of my ideas...some my own, some borrowed :) Well here is July 31st and Auguest 1st.

Day 32 - Names
Yes this is my name in hose! Thanks to my sweet cousin Holly, I saw this great and creative way to get your name out there!

Day 31 - Pink!
Pretty in it's not my favorite color, but I do like it a lot. Pink was my original theme for this day because I had just finished painting my toes pink, had a pink dress on, and my pink Reef flip flops on...but I also like the view of this photo. Remi is also sporting a pink collar and name tag!

Thanks so much for sharing this with me and your supportso far. I look forward to many more clicks and snaps!

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ME :) said...

Love your name!! Do you have a different lense or are you using the one that came with your camera? Can't wait for the meeting of minds:)