Tuesday, August 10, 2010

365 - August 7-9

Day 40 - Corks!
I love Corks and have been collecting them since I started enjoying wine and champagne in college. I put the date, event, and names of everyone that shared. It's always fun to dig through and reminisce the good times. A great conversation piece. I got this idea from Mike's Aunt and Uncle in Georgia. We stopped and stayed there on our way to move his parents to Florida and this is how the saved their corks. So I adopted the idea!

Day 39 - The Sharing Glass
My best friend Amy gave me this for my birthday. She and her husband received one on their wedding day and she is sharing the tradition with Mike and I. Here is what it said.

Dear Kelly and Mike,

This is a Sharing Glass. It has been wrapped and packaged with love, and place in a treasure box. Now it is yours to share. First I must explain this glass. It is like a marriage. It is made out of fragile but strong glass. It reflects the soft pretty colors of life. It will hold anything you choose to put in it, or be as empty as you leave it. It must be treated carefully because like a marriage it can be broken.

When times are happy, sit down and share something to drink and talk about the happy things you share. The joys of life are many, so share them. We had a glass of wine to celebrate job promotions, bonuses, and paying off student loans!

There will be times that you will be angry with each other. This is the time time that the Sharing Glass is most important. Ice water is a good thing to share. After you have shared a cool drink and talked with each other you should feel much better because of the love this glass holds.

For now in this happy time, share some wine and celebrate!

With Love, Amy and Eric
Thank you so much Amy. I can't wait to share all sorts of moments with Mike!
The edited/creative version...

The original...
Day 38 - Live Music
Saturday night Mike and I met up with Joanna to celebrate birthdays! We went to The Hunt Club downtown. It was really fun and a great little place. They have an indoor bar and an outdoor stage with several levels. Very cool! It also wasn't a busy place, which I like a lot. But this was the band that was playing that night. I don't remember who they were, but they were pretty good. This picture is from the balcony patio.

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Jessica H said...

I love the idea of that cup-- such a fun gift!

Also, I remember when you started saving wine corks in college. I started doing that, too and whenever someone asks, "Where did you get that idea?" I tell him that I got it from you. :)