Saturday, August 7, 2010

365 - August 4-6

Day 37 - Hot Air Balloons!
This is from the Gateway Balloon Festival Balloon Glow last night! Mike and I went for my birthday. I thought it was beautiful. The Balloons are huge! Very cool and a definate must see. More Balloon Glow pictures to come!

Day 36 (My Birthday!!) - Star Trails
Mike got me a wireless remote for my camera, so I went and tried it out with Star Trails... This picture has quite a bit of editing to actually make the sky look dark...but the lines are the stars moving across the sky. I lit the tree with a flashlight before I closed the shutter. It turned out okay, but I need to be VERY far away from city lights to make it what I want it to be.

Day 35 - Bouquet
Mom gave me this beautiful flower bouquet early for my birthday. I love Star-Gazer Lilies!!

More birthday and balloon festival pictures to come soon!


Jessica H said...

Those balloons are awesome! Adam and I went on a hot air balloon ride while we were in California-- if you have never gone, you should!

ME :) said...

LOVE your pics :) I have a lot to learn from you :)