Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project 365 August 22-30

Project 365

Day 61 - Pasta STAR
So my mom and I went to our favorite store last night and just look at the adorable little grape pasta shells I found. They are the exact color of the colors in my kitchen, so I of course had to get them. This is the finished product of 'playing with my food'. The other pasta pictures are how I got to the final picture!

Replacing old boring pasta in my pasta container.

Oh, I can see all the colors in a little circle...

OHH, lets make a star...

And add to it.

Up close... and you already saw the finished picture up top. I love my new pasta shells!

Day 60 - Texture
My friend Amber gave me these great Crocodile Note Cards. I love them and they came with the bright pink and lime green envelopes. Love them!
Day 59 - Sea Horse!
Tonite (Saturday) was my 10 year reunion, which was held at the Jenks Aquarium. This is a great shot of the sea horses. I think they are my favorite. It was a little difficult to get a good shot with the low light and the little critters moving around.
Day 58 - Rule of Thirds
I saw this shadow on my kitchen floor and thought, this could be great for a Repetition picture, then as I kept taking shots, I distinctly saw the Rule of Thirds lines with a nice slant to it.
Day 57 - BZZZZ.....Busy Busy Bumble Bee
I was watering this morning before work and saw this cutie buzzing around. I ran in the house to get my camera and came out and he was gone! So I kept watering and was so glad when I saw him come back to get his picture taken. He was a fast little fellow, so this is the best one I got. Using my 70-300 lens.
Day 56 - The Color Purple
Purple hearts and Purple are some of my favorites! We have these in our front flower beds and they are just fantastic! In the morning, they have these sweet little blooms. I also love the tiny water drops on the petals and leaves. Using my 70-300 lens.
Day 55 - Repetition
Hanging out at the park, got a picture of the swing. I knew I was wanting a swing chain for a picture. As I was going out and about, I've noticed that newer playgrounds don't have swings anymore!! What the heck?!

Day 54 - High Point of View
This is my old elementary playground...not at all the same playground equipment they had when I was there.

Day 53 - The Letter M
At the park, saw these fun climbing things and as I walked around noticed it was an M. M is for Mike, milk shakes, monkeys, movies, memories, Marine Corps, Mr. Goodscents...

I couldn't decide which one I liked better, color or black and white...what do you all think?
So, I know I getting pretty lazy with posting my pictures...It's awful. I have been busy lately, and promise to try to post more often. Have a super Tuesday!

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