Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthday Fun!

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Birthday Fun!
It was just a wonderful Birthday week. Mike's family came in town last weekend. Getting to see them and spend time with them always makes me happy. They live in Florida and have been saying they are moving back for like 6 years now...we'll see :) Anyway, for Joanna's birthday, we went to Bonefish and I had Yummy Yummy Corn Chowder with Lump Crab. Love it! Then later that week we went to the Bistro and had the most awesome Artichoke dip...if you think you've had good artichoke dip, your wrong, you must go to The Bistro at 101st and Yale and have their Chokes and Cheese! To die for!
For my birthday, we went to Ricardo's Mexican. It's my favorite mexican resturant in town. Mike, my parents, granny, Mike's mom and sister, and my best friend Amy joined us. We had lots of fun sharing funny moments and catching up.
At work, we celebrated with ice cream sundaes...one of my favorites! Thanks to all!
Friday Mike and I made it to the Gatesway Balloon Festival. I was super excited, because we have been trying to go for the last 6-7 years and something has come up each year and I have missed it. So this year we made it for the Balloon Glow. So much fun and so pretty!
Saturday was filled with Wedding showers and Family Reunion. Then Mike and I headed to meet Joanna at The Hunt Club downtown. Lots of fun!
Sunday we met for lunch and sent Melanie (Mike's mom) off back to Florida. Then we just relaxed the rest of the evening. Much needed after a busy week!
I love my family and friends so much. I had SOO many birthday calls, texts, emails, cards, and facebook comments. Made me feel so loved.
Mike got me my wireless camera remote and my facewash! I think I might be more excited to get my facewash...I have so missed my Clinique face lotion, I felt like my face was shrivling up without it! I got flowers from my mom, and she has bacially decorated our whole house and new guest room for us. Thanks Mom you are wonderful! Amy got me my Sharing Glass (read below), and I was able to save up enough birthday money to buy me my new Canon 70-300 IS lens and a Yankees shirt for our KC trip this coming weekend!

Balloon Festival Claremore, OK

Joanna and I at the Hunt Club...(By the Way, I have been so spoiled, taking only natural light pictrues, that this flash picture makes me cringe!)

Family Reunion - Granny and I

What I can do with my new Remote!

Stopped on the side of the road coming home to get this picture!

Birthday Gifts!

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