Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday

~Don't you just love when God plays tricks on you? This morning, taking it easy not rushing around, Mike asks me to move my car so he can leave. Well, I would if I coulda found my keys. Starting to get frustrated looking all over the house. I didn't do anything once I got home yesterday, so my keys shoulda been with my purse, Right? No. So, me, Mike, Dustin, and Ryan are searching all over the house, under cusions, couches, in my purse, on the key holder, in the mailbox, the refridgerator, under the bed, in pockets, under the curtains (Yes, Nellie likes to hide keys there after she's played with them), laundry room, computer room, EVERYWHERE! Can't find'em. Really frustrated now. Then I hear Mike, "Found'em!" Guess where they were... on top of the OTTOMAN!! IN PLAIN SIGHT!!! Hope you enjoyed that little game of hide and go seek. :)
~Thank you for your prayers, my family has signed an agreement and the hassle is over. Praise the lord!
~Had a great dinner with my work friend tonight, Thanks Ms. Erin!
~I got to meet a darling little baby girl today, Congrats Mason and Lisa, she is precious and beautiful!
~New Lens comes tomorrow!! So excited, although, I'm a little nervous, because it requires a signature, so I'm afraid that it will end up at the packing house. Cross your fingers they accept my note that says "Leave it here!"
~ I just love the tails of dogs! Remi's is always wagging and it always brighten my day, even when I am in a crummy mood.

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