Saturday, August 21, 2010

Project 365 August 10-21

Wow, so it's been a really long time! I've been a tad busy and trying to catch up. Isn't it amazing how just a weekend trip can take a week for you to recoop?! But here they are, and be looking for Kansas City Weekend Trip soon!

I am officially 15% complete with my project!

Day 52 - Sleepy
I didn't really know what to call's kinda sad. Miss Remi lost her womanhood yesterday. I dropped her off yesterday morning and she stayed at the vet overnight. Picked her up this morning and the pain meds are still kicking in...thank goodness! We have to try to keep her UNACTIVE for SEVEN DAYS!!! Yes, it's going to be difficult, so hopefully, the pain meds will help us with that.
So, later today I was cleaning the house and I found her in our room nestled in the comforter. She barely even moved as I was shooting some pictures. She looks so sad. I actually had another one of her that looked like she was smiling...but it didn't really seem to fit the moment.

Day 51 - What's Growing in My Garden
I don't have a garden...I tried to have an herb garden and they all fried in the sun, so I took a picture of the pretty flowers in our front bed. They have done very well and are huge now. I don't remember what they are called but I really like these flowers.

Day 50 - Sharpest Pencil in the Circle
I was a little bored at work one day and went rummaging through my art room and found some color pencils. So, then I thought, how can I make a picture out of these. Wala! (The picture is a little grainy because I had to use a high ISO, so I may try it again sometime with better lighting and lower ISO.)

Day 49 - Fountains
This is from our Kansas City Weekend Trip, but I had to get these in the project. At Kauffman stadium, which was recently redone, these fountains are fantastic. They go off between every inning and after the 7th inning they started to light them up. So pretty. I had a lot of fun just watching the fountains...oh the little things!

Day 48 - Something New!!
I was able to save my birthday money and get my new lens!! Canon 70-300 with Image Stabilization. I got it last Wednesday and have loved it! Lots of pictures will be taken with my new friend!

Day 47 - Hummingbirds
This credit goes to my dad. He has been bugging me to come over and take pictures of these marvelous little creatures. Finally he said, well I guess Remi won't have a doggy day care if I can't borrow your camera. So he took these pictures. Great Job Dad!

This is the one I chose for the project.

Day 46 - BBQ Spices
While we were in KC, we had to have some famous BBQ. We went to Jack Stacks and it was great. Mike had this Crown Rib thingy and it was to die for! Here are some rubs and spices we bought while we were there, can't wait to use them!

Day 45 - Picture with Movement
Yes, this is the MOVEMENT of Alex Rodriguez's 2nd Bomb of the night! He had three Home Runs! By the way, I love my new lens!

Day 44 - Picture with Today's Date
Today is Friday the 13th, so I am taking a picture of the church we go to, Boston Avenue Church at 13th and Boston, downtown.

Day 43 - Crescent Moon
Playing with my new lens, got out the tripod and shot some great moon pictures. I love that you can see the craters!!

Day 42 - Make Something Ugly look Beautiful
I just think that anything looks great under the, I think these huge power lines look pretty darn good with the sunset! I also love the father and son bike riding in the the background, which adds to the beauty of the power lines! The second picture is the one I chose for the project but wanted to share both. Again playing with the new lens and polarized filter.

Day 41 - Art
This Drawing Dough. My Recreational Therapy Intern came up with this fun art project to do with the kids for group. It was so fun and it dries puffy! I played around with the saturation on this picture to really make the colors pop.

Alright, well it's been a long while, hopefully not so long for the next set of Project 365 pictures. Have a great weekend!

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Holly Carpenter said...

The flowers are called cockscomb :) my mom always has a few thousand growing since they grow like crazy!