Tuesday, June 12, 2012

34 Weeks!!

I couldn't pick a favorite out of these two...

How far along: 34 Weeks!!!! Mike and I really can't believe it. It sounds so close. But I feel I've been in '7 months' FOREVER now!
We have a Large Cantaloupe, about 19-22 inches and 5.5 pounds.
What I've Learned from What to Expect: They say most the growth now will be in her weight and not so much in her length. Her fat percentage has picked up to about 15%. Her brain is continuing to grow.
Next week at my appointment, Dr. Cox will do another measurement. I'm hoping she's doesn't measure super big. I told Dr. Cox when I found out I had Gestational Diabetes, that I didn't want a 10 pound baby...she assured me that she couldn't catch a 10 pound baby :)

Total weight gain/loss: 9.5 pounds.... 1/2 pound gain this week

Stretch marks: Nopers, not yet.
Sleep: For the most part is Good! Yay!  But, last night was awful! I couldn't fall asleep, when I did, I felt like I was only asleep for like 10 minutes before I had to get up and go to the bathroom...which has been on a pretty scheduled every 2 hours...I guess good for practicing nursing right! I also attribute the bad sleep last night to my stupid bedtime snack (GB) I have to have...I was already so full from dinner, but I have to have a carb snack around 11:30, so that I don't go longer than about 9 hours without eating. 

Best moments this week: Good golly she has been a dancing machine this week and my stomach has been doing the wave constantly. But as soon as I say something to Mike or someone to look or feel, she gets shy and stops. Reading to her is so much fun--Remi and Nellie still like it too, they get comfy while I read. And I really feel like between Sunday night and Monday morning, my belly really started poking out there!

Miss Anything: Starting to miss the Dr. Pepper again and Ginger Ale...they are full of carbs and I chose to eat my carbs rather than drink them. I also miss twisting and popping my back.  Mike has given me the reverse bear hug to pop it and it feels amazing...in fact, I may have him do that tonight!

Movement: Umm, Yes!

Food cravings: Fruits

Anything making you queasy or sick: I don't know what it was, but at work, there was some funk that just smelled and it made me feel blah and then at Marshall's this weekend, when I trying on some shirts (the one is the picture is a newby) the lady in the room next to me OBVIOUSLY didn't believe in deodorant or showering. She smelled so bad, I was almost dry-heaving and rushing to get through my clothes and get the heck outta there! So gross, people, just use soap and some deodorant!

Labor Signs: Some Braxton-Hicks contractions. I feel that they have decreased in the past week or two.

Belly Button in or out: Stretchie!!
Most Ridiculous thing I've Cried about or gotten Upset about: I get upset that Mike can't read my mind sometimes...I want him to know that I need my back rubbed and think it would be nice of him to just offer sometimes, rather than me always having to ask.  Call me crazy, I know. But I feel bad always asking and I feel it would be a nice gesture for him to offer sometimes. I did let him know my feelings about it as I was crying :)
Gestational Diabetes Update: Managing Well. I go meet my dietitian this week.

Pregnancy Symptom: TONS of Back Pain, Wanting to nest and love it!! Peeing ALL the time! Pregnancy Brain, Back Pain, Sore Feet, Feeling more tired, oh did I mention Back Pain. Some Ligament Pains in the side of my stomach if I move a certain way too fast--usually happens when I try to turn over in bed or getting out of bed. Getting a little anxious about the big day
Wedding rings on or off: On, but sometime I feel I have Shrek fingers now :)

Happy or Moody most of the time: TIRED! I napped on Sunday and I came home from work yesterday and took a nap for about 4 hours!! It felt amazing! But otherwise, pretty happy this week!

Looking forward to: Meeting her...I still want her to come in July, but I am so excited to see her and meet her and just love on her. Working on Baby Book. We have our Birthing Classes next weekend, so that will hopefully be exciting. Picking a pediatrician...We have it down to 4 and possibly to 2 if the other 2 aren't affiliated with Hillcrest. Thinking about packing a hospital bag-what do I need?! And probably need to figure out our options on D-Day! Maybe they will help us out with that at our Birthing Class.

And Anything Else: I think Remi has a clue that something is going on and growing in my belly now. She hasn't changed a lot, but she has smelled my belly a lot more and she follows me around the house all the time.  Usually if she up and around she follows me around, but if she's napping or laying down, she normally just let me do my own thing...now, she will get up from her nap and walk to the bathroom with me and lay on floor by the bathroom, or walk with me to the kitchen when I fill my water bottle. I think its cute and sweet. She's also been a little more gentle about giving us her paw for 'shake' or 'high five'...or if she just wants to give us some paw-lovin. 
I don't think my boobs are as big as they were...Mike didn't comment :)

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