Sunday, June 10, 2012

Little Bit's Baby Shower with Friends!!

Showering with Friends!!
Mike, Little Bit and I are so blessed with such a wonderful supportive family and more blessed with friends that are so excited to meet Little Bit too. Amy and Amber hosted my second shower June 2nd. It was so fun and I am so appreciative of all they've done for me. Food was delish, and Amy was so sweet to make sure I was okay with everything with all the GB stuff. I figured, oh well, if my number is high for celebration.  But thankfully it wasn't, even better!! We had fruit and dip, turkey & cheese and ham & cheese croissants, mini quiche, rainbow chip cupcakes-my fav!, and mimosa's--virgin for me and Alayna though :)
Little Bit is so loved, she received so many wonderful gifts. If she came today, we'd definitely be ready for her!
Here are some pictures from the shower. Thank you everyone!!
 Amber let me take some of the lanterns for LB's room.
 Our monitor!! So excited to be able to watch her in her slumber. Thanks Amy, Eric, and Sue!
 Amber out did herself again by making the cutest burp clothes, including an OSU one of course! I was so excited for these :)

 Jen, gave me a bucket of 'All the Goods'! I love everything I got, but I was most excited about all the fun, necessity, things that I wouldn't know to get. She included, medication, nose sprays, breast pumping things, diaper rash stuff, and so so much more! Thankfully she even wrote out a list of what I will be using it all for too!
 I'm pretty sure they are laughing as I pull out all the stuff that Jen gave me, and I had no clue what is was for.
 Her first Soccer Ball, thanks to Kendall!
 A girl can never have to many tutu's!!

 And another favorite was my girl friends making month onsies for Little Bit. I had been looking into purchasing some stickers from etsy, but these are so much cuter!  Thank you so much ladies...Amy, Amanda, Jen, Alayna, Amber, and not able to make it Tiffany and Allison!  Y'all are great!

 And the Mom's or Grandma's, which ever they'd like to be called now :) minus Sarah Jayne, who had to leave early
 Katy and Rachel
 Aunt Jo!!

 Amber is so creative!

 Me and Jen
Amy, Me, and Amber-You girls are so wonderful!! Thanks so much!
 And at home, playing with things we got...our stroller...Nellie tested it out for us, she's a fan. Later in the evening she got in the underneath basket too, didn't have my camera for that though! And thankfully it didn't freak Remi out, since she will be walking with me with it!

Thanks so much!  We really are so blessed to have all our friends and family to support us and our new journey into parenthood. Little Bit is so lucky to have so many people that love her!

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