Friday, June 15, 2012

Italy Part 5

Italy Part 5

The last of The Jewel's Tour of Tuscany
After our amazing Wine Tasting and Lunch we headed back out and about the Tuscany Countryside and went through San Gimangino (again, don't know if I spelled it right) and then headed to Pisa.


 Remember, the towers were cut off when the Florentines took over.
 GELATO!!!  Along with a wine addiction, I also left Italy with a Gelato addiction!!

 Some Cheeses...Jo and I got kicked out of this cute little store, not litterly, but she told me I couldn't take pictures.

And on our way to Pisa...
 The wind turbines reminded me of home and T. Boone Pickens!
 This was a cute itsy-bitsy little church...and I really mean itsy-bitsy.
 And we are here!! I don't remember what these building were, but the Leaning Tower is to the right.
 The Leaning Tower of Pisa!! I don't know if the picture really shows how much it really is leaning. If I remember right, it continues to lean more every year! You could take a tour in the tower, we chose not too, only because it was getting late, but Mike also because of the really looked like you would fall right out of those pillars!!

 The Blood Evans
  The only reason the Blood Evans can be reproduced :)

After our tour was over, it was really sad...Alessandro, was amazing. He was so personable and shared his own life stories with us throughout the day. We wanted him to join us everywhere we went, but he stayed professional and did what he was 'suppose' to do. I mean I know we are super fun people and who wouldn't want to hang out with us, but maybe he just didn't want to hang with us silly Americans.

Alessandro, also gave us dinner recommendations and even dropped us off at a restaurant that, of course, was incredible! And guess what, we had some more wine!!

More Italy to come soon!


ththomason said...

The trees are my fav so far

Jessica H said...

Your pictures of Tuscany are beautiful, but I bet it's even better in person. Love it!