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Italy Part 2

Italy Part 2
I wrote most of what we did down, but some of it still runs together, so I think these are are the 2nd and Final day in Venice. I had breakfast with Jo, then we napped (we did this a lot), headed to lunch where Mike was pooped on twice by a bird! I will say he took it very well. Then we took a tour to Moreno, where we saw Glass Blowing, I bought some vases, found a fun pub where we had some wine and some fabulous Tiramasu. We ended the evening at Vino Vino, which, was even better than the first night!! Really the dinners just got better and better every night! Lots of wine, pasta, steaks...oh how I miss you Italy!

 Jo at one of the many city fountains.
 Moreno is also were there are splashes of color EVERYWHERE!
 We had a 45 minute Vaporetto Ride back to Venice and got some great sunset pictures

 Final Day, oh so sad, We took the Absolute Venice Tour where we were able to walk around, learn about the buildings, architecture, toured the Doge's Palace, walked the Bridge of Sighs, and toured the San Marco's Church. Mike had his favorite pizza at a little restaurant between the tours---that may have changed once we get to Florence though. We ended the evening at another fantastic restaurant, Osteria.

 The building on the left is a hospital and the one on the right is another church. The hospital had lions painted on both sides of the door, which gave it an illusion of the door on the other side...if that makes since, but anywho, it had some important meaning back in the day...boy would my history teacher be proud :)
 Venice adopted the Lion as a symbol, for some reason that I don't remember.
 This is the mens restroom :)
 Doge's Palace

 Where prisoners were kept

 The 'Blood' Evans

 San Marco's Church
 This is where Jo will be getting married :)

 I'm pretty sure this is someone importants tomb
 When we walked out the church, I saw this woman, I really thought she was just praying, but it turns out, this woman was (probably) homeless and begging, I don't think you see the cup, but it had a piece of paper in it that had some prayer on it.

 Dinner, one of my favorites, a grand way to end the first part of our trip.
These are a little out of order, but from the tour...

 Back at the hotel after dinner, Jo and I enjoyed some drinkie

 And then Mike, Jo, and I went out again, late late late, stayed out til 5 in the morning!! This is where Jo met her future Hubby, Nicco, or 'Uni' is what we nicknamed him

 We tried to get them to do the O-S-U, but I believe we were all a little over served :) 
 The Rialto Bridge at night

 On the Vaparetto to the train station :( taking the Eurail to Florence :)

 Love you Venice, one day I hope to return!!

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