Friday, June 1, 2012

The New Mr. and Mrs.!!

Congrats to the Newly Weds!!
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Hughes!

Last weekend, we celebrated Memorial Weekend in Oklahoma City, for Mike's Best Friend, Derek and his super fun wife Kacy! I was able to take their engagement pictures later last year. They are such a fun couple and great friends of ours. They had the rehearsal dinner, which I was so glad I was able to get off work for, at Pearl's Crabtown. Great food and good times for all! We all then headed back to the hotel and went to the bar...this was the first time I'd been to the bar really really pregnant looking, so I felt a little funny at first :) I made my way to bed a little after midnight...Mike had a later night with the rest of the gang.
The next morning, I had breakfast with Tim, another groomsman, before they headed out for golf...Mike wanted to sleep a little later and he was getting ready. So the boys headed out for golf and I hung out for a bit and then the cleaning people came, so then I met Rick (FIL) while he ate. Around that time, Sarah-Tim's wife, showed up and she sat with us for a while too. Rick mentioned going to the mall to walk around some, so Me, Melanie, and Rick headed to the mall and had some lunch, walked around, Rick got my phone fixed--no more broken glass!! And then Mel and I met up with Sarah for pedi's! Woo Hoo, first one of the season for me!
We then got ready and headed to the Country Club where the wedding and reception was held. So beautiful and fun!  Kacy had those fun bright colored, ball lantern type thingy's  hanging all around...I'm hoping to get some for LB nursery :) The food was great and hanging out with all our friends was even better.
After the reception, guess where we headed...back to the hotel bar again. I didn't stay out too much longer, but Mike and his buddies and Derek's fam had an even later night. Pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves all weekend. Sunday, Kacy's parents invited us for a brunch, which is where I had that amazing Cinnamon Role!! I soothed my feet in their pool too. It was a great weekend and I am so glad we got to be apart of their special day.
Derek and Kacy, we wish you a lifetime of happiness and lots of laughter!  We love you guys!

Here are a couple pictures, I snapped of them walking down the isle...Mike would be so happy, because I didn't even ask him to take any pictures.

And I just loved these of Derek and couldn't pick a fav out of the B&W or Color!

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