Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tuscany Italy Part 4!!

Italy Part 4!!
The Jewels Tour Continued...
After we left Siena, we drove through the Tuscany country side, which was more than beautiful. There really aren't words to describe the beauty there. But anyway, we headed to San Gimangino (no idea if I spelled that right!) Went through another castle area there, had the 'World's Best Gelato' and then headed to our Wine Tasting Lunch....FABULOUS!!!

Alessandro said this was the first Bank.
 Every time you left or arrived in an area you went 'through' the gates of that city. You really just went around it, but back in the old days, you actually went through them. I don't remember which gates this was.
Beautiful Tuscany! 

 Alessandro pulled over for us and got a picture of the whole group.
At the Wine Tasting!!! We had so so many wonderful wines! We ordered about 6 bottles...which we still have!! They were shipped after I found out I was pregnant and Mike has been a super trooper and not opened one, to wait for me to enjoy!
We also had my FAVORITE Lasagna at our lunch. It was so incredible along with Truffle Oil.  I'd never had that, but my oh my it was delish!! For a small small bottle of Truffle Oil, it would cost about $75 US dollars...we opted not to get any, but I really really thought about it!
 This is the winery guy, he was a hoot!
 Preparing the glasses for their award winning wine. 
The couple in this picture were a little weird...they were on their honeymoon, oh nice would that be...and obviously set up this wine tasting lunch...did they have any wine...NO!! I don't think they even tried the wine...they only pour a taste for you and then your can ask for more and they weren't stingy! But we all thought it was a little odd to go to a wine tasting and not have any wine.

 Another favorite picture of Mike
 These two couples were from England I think...they were very nice and funny too.

Well there another part...there is still one more part to this amazing Jewels Tour. Hope you enjoyed!

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