Thursday, June 21, 2012

35 Weeks!

How far along: 35 Weeks!!!! Yippee!!
K, so I am not thinking clearly and at work, some friends were trying to figure out how far along I was...remember how I thought I was 7 months for SOOOO long...well, I completely missed my 8th month apparently and that's why I thought I was 7 months for so long. I start my NINTH MONTH in 4 days!!!!
I think it's actually funny and kinda sad, that I didn't even realize I was 8 months pregnant for 3.5 weeks. I guess that's what pregnancy brain does of ya!
According to What to Expect, we have a Large Cantaloupe (again), about 19-22 inches and 6 pounds, but, we went to see Dr. Cox on Tuesday and she measured LB at around 5.5 pounds.  Obviously there is room for error with those ultrasounds, so we are right on track still!
What I've Learned from What to Expect: Growth is slowing down, one reason is she is saving up her engergy for her big debut!! Isn't that cool?!  Her skull is soft (thank goodness!) Many of her systems are mature now--Blood Circulation, Immune System. But some are still needing these last weeks including digestion, which they say won't completely mature until after birth.

Total weight gain/loss: 9.5 pounds.... No gain this week

Stretch marks: Not that I've seen, but I there is a lot of area that I can't really see anymore.
Sleep: For the most part is Good! Yay! Potty Breaks about every two hours.  

Best moments this week: Oh, geez, going to the doctor, seeing her sweet little feet...little stinker still hides her face, hearing her heart beat, feeling her be a little dancing maching, out boppy came that I ordered from zuilily...which, thankfully I have some self-control, because I love that website, we received more gifts today that were delivered! That was way exciting to come home too! We went to the birthing class over the weekend. Which I am glad we went, because the instructor shared lots of personal stories she went through. A lot of the actual information was things I've read about or something I feel we would've made it though if we didn't know it. But it was very nice to hear 'REAL' stories. She also gave us recomendations based on her personal experince. So that was nice. I really liked getting to tour the maternity unit, it was perfect...everything was all right there.

Miss Anything: Wine again, cookie dough, and cake batter!!  But, thankfully a friend had a recipe pinned for eggless cookie dough! So I checked that out and I think I have all the ingredients!! Yay!

Movement: Umm, Yes! All the Time!! I love it...if I had to choose a favorite feeling, it would definitely be feeling my little girl move all around in my belly!!

Food cravings: Fruits, Cookie Dough

Anything making you queasy or sick: I always forget about this one, I know there are things that I've seen on TV or heard about that make me feel sick to my stomach. Nothing has actually made me get sick, THANKFULLY...but yes there are random things I see or smell that just give me the willies!

Labor Signs: So last week, I mentioned the BH being less...well, they've increased this week. Still really random, but more here and there, none are painful, but some are uncomfortable.

Belly Button in or out: Stretchie!!
Most Ridiculous thing I've Cried about or gotten Upset about: I again, can't remember or think of anything.
Gestational Diabetes Update: Managing Well. Met with dietitian and she was happy with all she saw. Dr. Cox was happy too. I've still had a few high ones here and there, but I am thankful that I have been able to maintain with diet so far.

Pregnancy Symptom: TONS of Back Pain, Wanting to nest and love it!! Peeing ALL the time! Pregnancy Brain, Back Pain, Sore Feet, Feeling more tired, oh did I mention Back Pain. Some Round Ligament Pains in the side of my stomach if I move a certain way too fast--usually happens when I try to turn over in bed or getting out of bed. Getting a little anxious about the big day.
Wedding rings on or off: This is so sad...they are now Off :( I did tear up when I did take them off this weekend. I've been looking at temporary ones and will probably get me one this weekend.

Happy or Moody most of the time: TIRED! Able to take more naps, resting, and keeping my feet up. But otherwise, pretty happy this week!

Looking forward to: The big day, whenever that may be. We still haven't picked a name, so it will be fun to pick one...I really have a feeling though, that Mike is gonna hold out until D-Day. Enjoying my time with her  once she gets here.
And Anything Else: This maybe a TMI section this time, just so you know, haha! I have felt her hiccups in my butt sometimes! It getting harder to wipe when I got to the bathroom because my belly is getting so big. I'm a waddler now. I think it would be my groin...but I feel like I've been riding a horse for days now...has any other momma's felt this...or like when you have worked out or stretched in ages, and then you go all out, the next day you can barely walk feeling. I've thought about packing a hospital bag, and that's as far as I got. But then yesterday, Sarah, Mike's cousin who is expecting Mr. H early July, sent me a list that her friend sent her and it is amazing!! So helpful!!! For the hosptial for me, LB, Mike, and great ideas to make sure I have at home. Thanks Sarah! I've also done a lot of pinning on pinterest for some freezer friendly and crockpot recipes that Mike will be able to 'cook' when we get home. So I plan on doing some major chopping this weekend to get those prepared.

Well I think that's about it for this week. I really can't believe she could be here ANY TIME now!!  I am so excited, but anxious, nervous, happy, and a little scared all at the same time.

And just by the way...I didn't have ANY misspelled words!!! That's amazing for this girl!!

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Jessica H said...

So close! I would suggest bringing your pillow(s) from home. That was the one thing I was happy to have. Always love your updates and can't wait to hear the big news. Get lots of sleep in the next few weeks... you're going to miss it for awhile! ;)