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Italy Part 6

Italy Part 6

Half Day Florence Tour with Elisabeth...but said with a very Italian accent. We met on the bridge--which had a name, something to do with gold, but I don't remember and then made our way to Piazza della Signoria-City Hall, where we saw Hercules, then headed to Duomo of Santa Maria del Flore, then to Brunelleschi's Dome which has over 400 steps if you wanted to take the hike to the 'heavens', and of course we stopped for Gelato. And we ended the tour at the Accademia where we saw the REAL David Statue!
Elisabeth was a great tour guide. She had a great sense of humor and did a lot of joking around, especially with Mike.

The Bridge, which is the oldest in Florence

City Hall--which I feel is where all the 'balls' started!

The backside of Hercules, I don't remember who's head he's cutting off.

Oh crap, I forgot which artist this was...either Da Vinci or Michaelangelo carved his portrait in the side of the Ufizzi Museum.
The Fake David outside the Ufizzi-we toured this the following day.
 The Duomo-Church. This clock goes backwards and one is at the bottom of the clock and goes to 24.
 Prayer Lights
 The Dome that has over 400 steps to get too.

After Gelato, we went to the Accademia...all these pictures are illegal by the way :)
 The Real David

 More David

 I don't remember what building this was, I just thought it was pretty.

 The end of our tour, the Square-Piazza della Republica
 After our tour, we napped, then went to eat at Gilli. Of course it was amazing. I had steak and this is where I found out that Italy Medium steak is like American 'not quite dead yet' steak. :) They were very nice and cooked it a little longer for me.

And another fabulous day in the oldest place I've ever been. It is so cool to see so many things that I saw and 'learned' about in school. Now, give me a test on anything that I saw or 'learned' and I promise you I'd still fail!

Happy Father's Day!!

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